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Build A Team And Teach Them
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Build A Team And Teach Them

You've got the right idea. You've got a goal. All is set up and maybe even going well. But something is missing. Your idea is not really taking off the way you thought it would. The money is not following you yet.

You know what's missing? Building a team and training them. The missing link is to teaching others!

You know that people joke about this all the time...Those who can't do it, teach it!

However, being a lecturer and teacher as well as a performing professional musician and many other in the last thirty years of my career, I know how hard it is to teach others. I mean to teach others well so they can achieve their goals. Even harder to teach others so they can teach, too.

You know, there is difference between teaching and teaching. It is very true that anyone can teach. But not from everyone people can learn and get results. This is the key.

The secret to becoming wealthy is simply teaching others what you want to learn. This is how Robert Kiyosaki, the famous financial educator and best-seller author got where he is now.

When you serve others you get everything you want. I am not sure that this is true for everyone, but in big outlines, it stands.

You probably have expertise already that you could pass on to others. However, if you question yourself, this is what I suggest. Sometimes the smartest way to teach is to learn.

It is best to spend some time contemplating the idea, what is that you need to learn and what is missing from your business. Examine the activities you do and what is lacking to reach the success you want. Once your drew up these, find the people who are experts in these areas and seek their advice. If you are lucky enough, you might find a mentor in your city, who would take you under his/her wings. If not, with the help of the Internet it is really easy to find workshops, seminars, Webinars, video conferences or Podcasts to get the information you need and learn from the best.

Then build a team around yourself and start offering help to others. It all depends how confident you are with this at the start. You can set up talks, workshops, weekend trainings or just one-on-one meetings to teach people. If you feel more confident, you can start offering your information in emails, video emails, newsletters, video newsletters, conference calls or video conferences, video broadcasts or in Podcasts as I wrote about these in previous articles. People are hungry for information and to learn from others.

By teaching others you will benefit tremendously. Firstly and mostly, it helps to get organized in your head. Once you know what you can and want to offer and share with others, the preparation of the information takes place. Writing down all that or recording it in an audio or video format is a huge task but priceless. Teaching others will give you a lot of useful skills. It will take you to a great personal and business journey. But once you have it recorded, it becomes your tool, your blueprint in training others how you built your business.

In our technology driven society people are crying out for personal communication and to get to know the people they learn from. They feel more connected. When they get that email, newsletter, sound recording or video recording, the more they see you, the more they feel they know you. The more connected they feel, the easier they will learn from you. You almost become their personal friend and mentor. You build trust and human connection. People buy from people they know and trust. Building this trust based relationship takes time.

This is what is missing from the communication of the big companies and businesses. However, clients can get it from small businesses, especially from individual entrepreneurs. The more you use sound and video technology and social media to engage your team and your client, the more you become a leader in the public eye. Once you are a leader of a team, you can start teaching them and feeding them with information. People are happy to learn and pay for quality information.

Entrepreneurs who engage in using social media, especially Facebook, can build a camp of huge followers with consistent work by engaging them, serving, helping and teaching them and befriending them. All they need to do is listen to their fans and to take on board what fans are asking and respond to.

The only way to become successful and wealthy is by learning and teaching. First you need to become a leader so people can follow you then train them to become a leader.

Cheers, Piroska

Street Talk

Dear Leonardo, thanks for reading my article. Yes, being ranked No 1 presently was quite a surprise! Good to see that people read other stuff than 50 shades and how to get their boyfriend back :) Teaching people is a great way to learn! Best wishes, Piroska :)

  about 9 years ago

Congratulations Piroska! you are now ranked no. 1 your article is also great! build a team and teach them...people really need direction and their success will also be your success! cheers!

  about 9 years ago
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