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Don't Defeat Yourself Through Petty, Personal Rivalry: Team Building Advice We All Could Use
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Here is an important piece of team building advice for more success and satisfaction in your workplace experience: rise above petty personal rivalries.

You waste energy, stress yourself out, and distract your attention when you engage in a vain ego-conflict with a corporate team member.

This relates to one of the key aspects of leadership development training, which is helping organization leadership and team leaders see how personal rivalries are always self-defeating.

You really do not have to prove to another how much smarter and more powerful you are than he or she is.

Identify your priorities and you will see that what is most important to you is NOT defeating a teammate.

If you expend your power on accomplishing what is not that important, you have less power to achieve what is really of utmost importance to you.

Everybody wins through team bonding. When that breaks down, team spirit declines, teamwork problems arise.

As tempting as it is to get caught up in a petty game of “one-upmanship”, you just down have the attention, time or energy to spare in a meaningless personal rivalry.

While the competitive impulse can give you an edge, sometimes you have to rein it in for the sake of your personal success, and for a successful team.

Perhaps the most challenging time for avoiding the self-defeating trap of petty interpersonal conflict is when a fellow team member seems bent on competing with YOU.

When a teammate seems bent on competing with you, resist the temptation to feed the conflict with your energy. You really do have better things to do.

Simply remain disengaged from the conflict. Treat it as non-existent.

Focus on your goals and on what to do in the present moment to achieve them.

It’s absolutely crucial that you do not confuse appearances with reality with it comes to rising above team conflict.

Applying this success skill is not about merely APPEARING to be uninvolved and unconcerned with another’s personal competition with you.

Your transcendence must be genuine. In other words, your mind must remain free of resentful, competitive thinking and your emotions must be undisturbed by your fellow worker’s petty antics.

The more time you spend thinking about what another is doing to bother you, the more of your power to squander.

Here is some team building advice we all could use. Instead of thinking about how to retaliate or prove your superiority, remain focused on achieving your most important goals and fulfilling your most important responsibilities.

By doing this, you will make a positive breakthrough in your personal success and help your team toward higher team success.

Team development trainings should reinforce this principle, because it promotes team bonding that will improve team morale and improve teamwork.

A key exercise for rising above personality conflict in the workplace involves members of the team in clarifying their most important goals in life, including the responsibilities that they care most about fulfilling.

The more attention you focus on what is of the utmost importance to you, the more obvious it is when you are being distracted by a pointless power struggle with a fellow employee.

Doing this Team Building Exercise will help unite a workforce by empowering individuals to avoid the self-defeat of petty workplace rivalries.

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