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Teambuilding: How To Select Your Team
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Teams are groups of people assembled to overcome obstacles. They are typically comprised of people with varied backgrounds and skills and they are accountable unto themselves. Should you ever be asked to assemble a team, you may be curious as to where your team members will come from. I have over 20 years of successful senior leader and entrepreneurial experience in health care and I have learned there are basically three ways to get members. They will be reviewed below in narrative form.

I was in Cecelia's office. Cecelia is my director of the laboratory. The previous week, she had told me that she was having some issues getting orders from, and results to, the emergency department in a timely manner.

We had finished our discussion on our mutual love of Italian crème cakes when I go to my point, "So how is your team assembling?"

"It really is not," she said. "I asked for volunteers, but I only got two people to commit and I was thinking that was not enough."

"No, it really is not," I said. "You would like to have about five. I find that any larger than eight is too inefficient, so I would set that as my cap."

"I only have two so far, how else would you suggest I get team members?" she asked.

"There are basically three ways to get volunteers," I said. "The first way you have done, asking for volunteers. That is a good way, because they are usually motivated and committed, but they may not have all the skills necessary to be effective."

Cecelia nodded.

"The second way would be to use your leadership clout and appoint a couple of members. It's a good way because you can select team members that have the complimentary skills you are looking for, but they tend to not be as motivated or committed."

Cecelia nodded again thoughtfully. "You said there was three ways to get members?" She asked.

"Yes. The third way would be to have a mix of both, where you ask for volunteers and appoint a few, or appoint a few and then ask for volunteers."

"I would get the skills I wanted then, and maybe some motivated and committed members," she said.

"That's true," I said. "The only problem is getting enough volunteers."

"I have two already," she said. "Maybe after I appoint a few, I will get some more volunteers."

"Good idea," I said.

"Just for my review," She said. "If I need team members, I can ask for volunteers, appoint members, or have a combination of both."

"Yup, you got it," I said.

"Thanks for your help," she said. "I appreciate it."

"No trouble," I said. "I am glad I came by too. I had forgotten how much I loved Italian crème cake, and I am going to pick one up on my way home."

Cecelia laughed.

"No further questions?" I asked.

"Nope, none, Boss," she answered.

"Then have a nice day," I said.

"You too," she answered as I left.

Thanks for reading.

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I was hoping that my niche would be this informative narrative, but I would really appreciate a comment or two to let me know if I am going in the right direction. Thanks.

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