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Working With New Colleagues
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It's always an exciting thing when new people join your team. They're bound to bring something fresh and new to the group and introduce new approaches, and they will also be learning something different on the job. Understandably, of course, all of you would be curious about your new colleagues, and you might even be a little bit apprehensive as you wonder what they will bring to the table and if it will be difficult to work with them. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea for you to do the right things as you welcome new people to the workplace. Here are some actions you can take.

1. Make them feel welcome. This has to be the most basic thing that you can do for your new coworkers. They'll be sure to feel more than a little bit apprehensive about being the new people in the office. There isn't a particular set of steps you should do to make this happen. All you really need to do is interact with them. You can have lunch with them and use this as an opportunity to answer any questions they might have about the job and the company.

2. Show them around the office. Even if your HR people show newcomers around the office, they'll find it hard to absorb everything on the first go. Make sure to point out where the restrooms are, where the supply room is, where the copier room is and how to use the copier, and you can also go beyond the office and point out where the best place to grab a coffee or lunch is.

3. Introduce them to key people not just in your department, but in other departments as well. Make sure to detail what everybody does and how those people can help.

Once you have welcomed newcomers to the office, you can get right back to business. Remember that working with new people shouldn't make you feel threatened. There are people who might feel like they're being replaced or that new people will steal their professional thunder whenever new people come on board. This is certainly not the case and this attitude will negatively impact the sense of teamwork in the workplace. Remember that you are all part of the team and that you are all making your own contributions.

At the same time, remember to set a positive example, especially for those new coworkers who are new to the business world. This is an opportunity for you to help establish what working in your company and the whole team is like, and you want to give the best impression. Don't forget to provide your new colleagues with feedback or coaching to help them improve their performance. At this stage, they will want to know what they are doing right and learn from those who have been in the field and the company for a while.

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