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10 Ways To Not Let Your Expectations Get The Best Of You
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We all have expectations, hopes, dreams, our ideas of how we want our life to be as well as the people in our life. I developed a philosophy a few years back- No expectations, No disappointment. But the truth is you can not go through life without some expectations. So I decided to come up with some ways to make your expectations came true (well hopefully they will work for you).

1. Never put unrealistic expectations on yourself.

2. Never put unrealistic expectations on someone else.

3. Focus on what you want and give it your best shot- if you fail the first, second or third time don't give up (except when you may be dealing with someone difficult).

4. Realize that not everyone you deal with thinks like you do.

5. Know that no matter what your life can change in a matter of seconds, and sometimes there is nothing you can do to change it.

6. Don't always believe or fall for what you hear- investigate certain information you may be surprised what you find out.

7. If you have children do your best to make them know they are #1, never put anything past them, they may not live up to your expectations, and they may or will disappoint you.

8. Have a good understanding that everyone does things differently and wants things done their own way.

9. Your spouse is a person, not an extension of you, let them be who they are not what you want them to be.

10. Being disappointed about something is not the end of the world ( I think I have seen that before), you will be unhappy about the situation, but over time you will learn life is not fair and you will not always have what you want when you want it.

There is nothing wrong with having expectations, of yourself, your spouse, your family, etc. But sometimes these expectations can be unrealistic for whom ever they may be directed towards. Once you really pay attention to those around you, you will learn what you can expected from them. There is nothing wrong with being up front with your expectations either. You don't have to lower your standards for anyone, and especially don't lower your standards for yourself. Having expectations of someone means you are depending on them for something, and it is best they are aware so they can follow through (if they choose) and you won't be disappointed if they don't.

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Thanks. Love the tips.

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