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A Simple Way To Copy And Paste
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A Simple Way to Copy And Paste

Now as in all things in life and this applies no matter what one is doing.Everyone has a different skills set. Now there is a distinct difference between doing a menial job and one that requires, let's just say, a bit more brains and less brawn. Now something strange happened today and at first I thought the person involved was joking. It wasn't a joke they were serious and I found what they were asking, again, a bit hard to believe. Then I realised that everyone has a different set of skills and sometimes it's just a small matter of knowing how.

Now in the space of a very short period of time the computer world has blossomed at an astonishing pace. As mentioned earlier everyone has a different set of skills whether as a worker, a farmer, a lawyer or an accountant. The same thing applies to the computer, it just depends on how one is using it. For example being a secretary where typing skills and writing are the essence. Or as a farmer doing a gross margin budget and then a cash-flow, a profit and loss account, a balance sheet and so on. It is a distinct level of skills and some are brilliant at it. Don't for one moment think that they don't know how to use a computer or are somehow dumb because they are not doing what you happen to have a forte in.

Which brings us into another world. That of using the computer as part of social networking, or building a web site to try and make some money. It's a completely different level of skill sets. What I was asked is, ' how do you copy and paste'? This from someone I know well who has a flourishing group going and is big into the marketing game. I forget that so fast has this blossomed that most sites have a Facebook like button (amongst many others) and all they have to do is press this and have copy and pasted what they want?

So I thought I'd pen this article for them and try to help. For me the simplest way of doing this will follow. Firstly one has to understand that every site has an URL, Uniform Resource Locator as far as my knowledge goes. Just look at the top of whatever site you are on and you will see it. So my way of doing it is because I find this the simplest way. Highlight the URL often just by clicking at the end of it. It all turns blue. Then press control, whilst at the same time holding down the letter c. Then go to wherever you want to paste this. Once there and your cursor is flashing, press control again whilst at the same time holding down the letter v. Congratulations you have done it. It honestly is that simple.

Of course many other people no doubt will be able to explain this better and easier than I can. Still a helping hand from a friend sometimes goes a long way to bringing understanding. It can also help in building whatever audience you are wishing for.

I honestly hope this helped you my friend.

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Nice Spook, but if you're using a mouse, there is another way. Highlight the URL as you said, it will turn blue, then right click on your mouse, click on "copy" and proceed to where you want the content to be, right click again and click on "paste." At least this is the way it is for PC users...MAC I don't know. As you said, different people have different knowledge and talents.

  about 1 decade ago

Precisely and that is a very nice and useful comment too and thank you. I never even knew that myself.

  about 1 decade ago
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