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How To Solve Problems Overnight With The Glass Of Water Tool
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How to Solve Problems Overnight With the Glass Of Water Tool

Everyone wants to solve problems, but from a larger point of view, there actually are no problems, only solutions. Yet sometimes it seems impossible to find them. That's why I want to share the glass of water technique to put the power of your unconscious mind to work solving problems for you while you sleep. The glass of water technque is part of the magic toolbox that will transform your ability to solve problems, build confidence and feel in control of your life.

The glass of water technique has been solving my problems overnight...and always in a surprising way that was not on my "radar" screen the day before. It's excellent for solving problems like :

  • Fixing your garage door opener
  • Unlocking your unconscious to find those "lost" objects
  • Choosing a compelling topic for an article
  • How to conquer a food craving
  • Finding someone who can solve the problem for you

How Do I Use the Glass of Water Technique

Pick a problem that you could solve yourself but haven't yet. So "bringing about world peace" won't happen overnight! But it could be "joining an organization dedicated to world peace" or starting one yourself. And be specific. "I want to write a great article" means writing it. "I want to post an article that gets 200 readers the first day" is probably what you really have in mind.

As you master the glass of water technique, you can solve bigger and bigger "problems" by creating better and better solutions.

Let's Solve Problems

Ready to try the glass of water technique? You need small glass made of real glass, not plastic. At bedtime, fill it with water, then relax and focus on your problem. Remember, be specific about the problem you want to solve overnight.

Close your eyes, hold the glass in both hands and look up to the spot between your eyebrows. Drink half the water as you think to yourself, "This is all that is needed to find a solution to my problem."

Put the glass next to your bed and repeat the same ritual with the other half of the glass of water when wake up. At the end of the day, you will discover that a solution as appeared, one that wasn't an option the night before. Keep practicing and soon you will wake up with a solution already in mind.

How does this work? It's your unconscious mind at work. The glass of water technique acts as subliminal programming to focus the creative right side of your brain on solving the problem. It will unearth things you don't remember you know or make new connections between what you do know when you are awake.

Remember the dreams you've had about algebra problems, getting to the airport on time or jitters about your upcoming wedding? That's your brain at work, processing knowledge while you sleep. The glass of water technique short-circuits the worry by focussing your creative self away from the stress and instead upon solving problems.

Your mind is a powerful tool. The glass of water technique channels all that brain activity and can solve problems overnight. It works for me and will work for you, too!

Street Talk

Very interesting article Miriam...I will have to give it a try. Thanks.

  about 1 decade ago

Not at all! I often use my glass of water for my writing. You will probably wake up knowing exactly what you want to say!

  about 1 decade ago

How fun! I will do this tonight to focus / create my next article I am going to write tomorrow. Is that too soon to expect results?

  about 1 decade ago
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