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Improve Your Efficiency At Work
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Improve Your Efficiency at Work

I work a 9-5 admin job and although I always turned up on time and never took any sick leave I always seemed to feel stuck in a rut. I never used to get any pay rises and was always looked over for promotion. Although I was a ‘reliable’ member of staff, always completing my work on time, I had actually become quite lazy. I did a bit of research and with some simple techniques my work has improved and I now feel that I am moving forward.

Work With a Spirit of Excellence

When I was completing my tasks at work I tended to go on auto-pilot because I was doing the same tasks over and over again, however this was causing me to make mistakes and I had actually taken my foot off the gas so to speak. Now when I do my tasks I work like it is my first day in the job, taking extra care that everything is in order and correct. No one is perfect and mistakes will happen but knowing I was giving it my all is much more satisfying.

Personal E-mails & Social Networking

One of the first things I used to do before I started my daily tasks was to check my personal hotmail account and facebook; I would also check it at various times throughout the day. Now I only check it on my lunch break or wait until I get home. This has made me much more efficient as personal e-mails and social networking is very distracting and has nothing to do with work.

Office Gossip & Negative People

Unfortunately one thing we cannot avoid is other people gossiping or grumpy people who seem to constantly get out of bed on the wrong side every morning. The office I work in is quite big and open plan, everyday you can hear someone whispering and is quite obvious they are talking about someone else, try not to get involved and when you are having a conversation with someone try to avoid talking about someone else when that person it not present. As for grumpy, negative people you have to try your best to ignore this, you cannot change other people but you can change yourself.

Work as Though You Are Being Watched for Promotion

I once heard someone say ‘work as if you were being watched over for promotion’. This has really helped me and basically sums up all the above points. Every day when I go into work I pretend that everything I do a boss is watching me and deciding if they want to promote me. Are they going to promote someone who is checking personal e-mails all the time? NO. Are they going to promote someone who starts a task and then goes and makes themself there 5th cup of tea of the morning? NO. Are there going to promote someone who stands there gossiping with another member of staff for 20 minutes? NO. This has helped so much, I work as though someone is standing over my shoulder, especially when I get the urge to update my Facebook status!!


One of the hardest things I found at first was sticking to the above points, it is very easy to last just one day or even until lunch time until you slip back into old habits but you have to persist. It is very easy to say that you have had a productive morning and then reward yourself by checking Facebook or surfing the internet for shoes & clothes. If you keep persisting it does get easier and you will reap the rewards.

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