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Master Vocal Projection - The Way To Win Your Audience
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Master Vocal Projection   -   The Way To Win Your Audience

Vocal Projection is one of the most important factors to help you communicate with people effectively, be it with the thousands of listeners in an auditorium, or the girl standing next to you in a bar. Wherever you may be, your success in communicating depends upon how well you were able to project your voice. Having a good vocal presence boils down to two most important things. Firstly you should be loud enough so that people can hear you. Secondly you should be confident enough for people to be interested. These may sound easy, but mastering them is quite difficult. All of this comes with constant practice and dedication. In the lines that follow, I'm going to share a few tips that can help you have a mastery over your voice.

Practice Deep Breathing

The first and foremost thing to have a superior voice is to have a command over your breathing patterns. Try to breathe as deeply as possible from your stomach and talk as you release your breath. The deeper you force your breath, the more weight your voice will have while speaking. You can do some Yoga as they have some of the best breathing practices known to man.

Talk as Loudly as you Can

Most people are too embarrassed to talk loudly. This shows their vulnerability and lack of confidence. If you think that it isn't good to talk loudly, then you might not be more wrong. I'm not saying that you should start shouting at silent zones like that in hospital. But to effectively communicate to people, you need to talk at a pitch, they can hear clearly. To start with, you can practice by turning the volume up while listening to music, and trying to sing at a voice louder than that of the speakers. This way you may strain your vocal cords, but remember that the vocal cords too are muscles, and will only become stronger if you regularly exercise them.

Pretend you are at a Distance from the Listener

While talking to someone, on the street, or at a supermarket or anywhere else, just pretend that you are talking to someone standing more than 50 feet away. This way you can program your mind to talk loudly and more confidently. You may feel that you are being too loud, but in the end it will pay off when you will be giving a seminar or talking to a girl in an overcrowded pub.

Know how to Use the Microphone

If you have a large audience, or a singer, then you should definitely know how to use the microphone. Quite a number of people like the standing microphone, but personally I prefer the hand microphone. This is because it allows me to move freely while I'm giving the speech. Using the microphone to project your voice more clearly may require some practice in your part. For example, for a higher note you may want to be louder and distance the microphone from your lips, while for a soft note, you may want to bring the microphone closer to your lips and talk slowly.

All the methods mentioned above are not a quick fix for getting better at voice protection. It requires daily practice to master the vocal projection and win hearts of your audience.

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