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Sage Smudging Ceremonies
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Sage Smudging Ceremonies

What Are Sage Smudging Ceremonies

Sage smudging ceremonies are sacred rituals using sage smoke to clear the energy of a person, object or physical space. You can do this by lighting a bundle of sage, often called a smug stick, or by simply lighting a sage leaf and placing in a safe ash try of some sort. You can even drink sage tea for a more internal cleansing.

The Benefits of Sage Smudging Ceremonies are the following:

  • Cleanses unwanted energy
  • Cleanses objects used for other sacred rituals like gems, crystals or angle cards
  • Cleanses people and animals
  • Cleanses physical spaces, especially good for spaces used for energy healing practices such as reiki or yoga

Use Sage Smudging Ceremonies for Personal Clearing and Protection

Doing a sage smudging ceremony for your person is a great way to clear and protect your auric field, especially if you are a person that is highly sensitive to the energy around you. It’s a good idea to do a sage energy clearing for yourself if you are feeling kinda down, moody, upset or if you have been around a negative person or situation. Additionally, I recommend that you do a clearing process before you enter a challenging situation to prevent unwanted energy from entering your auric field.

How to do Sage Smudging Ceremonies for yourself:

  • Set your intention for the clearing
  • Light a the sage leaf or bundle
  • Sweep the sage smoke over the entire outline of your body, even the bottoms of your feet

Also, if you are a tea drinker like me, you can also make sage tea for a more internal personal cleansing. It has been scientifically proven that sage is cleansing, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. In addition to this, it is very tasty.

How to make Sage Tea:

  • Boil water
  • Put a couple of sage leaves in the boiling water and let it brew
  • Add lemon and honey to taste

Use Sage Smudging Ceremonies For Your Living Space

I highly recommend doing a sage smudging ceremony when you move into a new place. You never know who lived there before you and what types of energy had been percolating through it.

To that point, my partner and I recently moved into our new place and although we loved it right off the bat, the vibe in the house wasn’t quite right. In fact, it felt kind of dark and unsettling. We knew it was in need of some serious sage energy clearing.

How to Sage Smudge your Living Space:

  • Light candles to set a sacred mood
  • Set your intentions for the clearing
  • Light the sage and set it inside of an abalone shell, using it like an ash try
  • Intentionally walk around the house entering every room holding the abalone shell high allowing the smoke to follow your steps
  • Repeat your healing intention as you enter each room
  • Seal the process by meditating a couple of minutes focusing on your breath and intention and blow your candles and sage

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to sage smudging your living space. A dear friend of mine shared the above steps with me and I adopted the process as my own.

With that in mind, be empowered to either copy the techniques above exactly or modify the techniques to make them uniquely your own.

Sage smudging ceremonies are a great way to incorporate spiritual healing practices into your enjoy.

One last remark…please be safe when you are lighting sage. The point is to allow sage smoke to flood your space and auric field not fire.

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