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Tattoo Removal Methods Suck...Except For This One Method
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There is an ever-growing market, or need, in the tattoo industry and it's not getting tattoos but the art of tattoo removal. Getting tatted up is still extremely popular today and is even growing in its popularity with young adults and even some middle aged and older adults. But there is also a growing need for people that need their old tattoos removed.

These are the people that got a tattoo once on a whim, or a dare, or maybe it was a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouses name. But now that they're "older and wiser" now they no longer desire to have the tattoo. There are many reasons why these people decide to get rid of their tattoos. Could be because of a job that they want but the job doesn't allow tattoos.

It could be that they have moved on to a new relationship with someone else and the old name of a past relationship is hindering their new relationship or is even downright painful to look at because it brings a flood of hurtful memories.

If you're reading this article right now, chances are that you fall into the category of people that wants your tattoo or tattoos removed. You've done some research already and now you're trying to decide which method of torture that you want. And yes these methods of tattoo removal are torture. Not only pain wise but money wise as well.

There are 4 basic methods of tattoo removal, that really suck and then there's a new breakthrough method that was recently discovered and tested by an actual professional tattoo artist. Let's do a quick review of the four torturous methods of tattoo removal and then I'll discuss this new proven method of tattoo removal.

The first method is one of the oldest methods and that is Dermabrasion. This method is absolutely insane and the idea that anyone would want to undergo this procedure is beyond me. This method basically consists of a doctor numbing the area of the tattoo to be removed with 3 or 4 different numbing procedures in one and then he "sands" or "peels away" the top layers of your skin until he gets down to the layer of skin that has the ink embedded in it. Prepare to do this about 3 or 4 times, taking off a few days of work each time it's done and then risk permanent scarring and discoloration to your skin. Oh yeah, and don't forget the pain involved with this procedure.

The second and third methods are very similar in how they work. One is just a ton more expensive than the other. Those two methods are Laser Tattoo Removal and Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL). Laser tattoo removal is one of the more popular methods of tattoo removal today but also comes with pain, risk of permanent damage to your skin and a swift kick to your bank roll. IPL packs an even harder kick to your bank roll but still hurts about the same and is being performed in day spas now(what does that tell you?). It also carries the same risks of laser tattoo removal. There is a better way, trust me- and I'm about to tell you about it if you'll stick with me a few more minutes.

The fourth method is rising fast in popularity but is still potentially dangerous and therefore not the best route to go when it comes to removing that tattoo. This method is tattoo removal creams. You can get these very easily either online or at your local grocery store in some cases. These seem pretty harmless and effective at first glance but to an uninformed consumer these creams can hurt you just as bad as the methods I briefly described above. Most of these creams use acid to remove the tattoo and the acid can seriously burn you and permanently scar you if you're not careful.

Now to the GOOD part! There is a way to get rid of that stinking tattoo once and for all! The best part about this particular method is that it's cost effective (about $15/month for 3 months), safe (no risk of permanent disfigurement) and painless (no biting a bullet during the procedure and then eating pain pills and nursing a nasty wound for several days).

This method was discovered by a professional tattoo artist that at one time was all tatted up himself. He decided he wanted to get rid of his tattoos when his longtime girlfriend broke up with him. He had her name tattooed on his chest and thighs and after she broke up with him, seeing the tattoos day after day was just too painful for him. His name is Jason Carter and he shows people his method of getting rid of their tattoos for pennies on the dollar in the comfort of their own home.

I'll let Jason Carter speak for himself and tell you all about his method of tattoo removal. Then you be the judge.

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