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What's In A Hand Shake
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What\'s In A Hand Shake

In most cultures a handshake is one form of greeting. It is seen as a sign of goodwill between the people shaking hands as it conveys trust and also depending on how one shakes the hand it may convey equality. People shake hands when they meet, part, when they are closing business deals, express gratitude or when calling a truce.

All over the world we have seen peace agreements being sealed with a handshake like in 1993 peace deal between the Prime Minister of Israel Rabin and PLO leader Yasser Arafat which marked the signing of Declaration of peace between the two countries. This led to what was termed as ‘The handshake - the first ever in public between the two former arch enemies’ and in 2009 when Barrack Obama’s Middle East plan failed it was termed as a reluctant handshake.

With so many communicable diseases all over, some people tend to avoid hand shakes and who knows maybe in a few years time it will be extinct. Recently British Olympics Association chief medical officer Dr. Ian McCurdie pointed out that the Olympic Village environment could be a "pretty hostile one" for infections and said a handshake ban was "not such a bad thing." Something the British government and the athletes have rejected saying they would still shake hands since it has always been a gesture of goodwill.

A hand shake will say a lot about a person’s character. "Ninety percent of what we think about a person is determined in the first ninety seconds we meet them." –Anonymous. So just so you know, if you have just greeted a person with a hand shake, the person already picked up something about you. If you don’t give a good hand shake it speaks volume about your self growth.

A typical hand shake is when there is a firm but not tight grip, eye contact made, smiles are exchanged and two to four shakes. Before you engage in any hand shake ensure you know the persons customs because hand shakes are not appropriate in all cultures and also make sure you know how to hand shake. If you are not sure of when to give a hand shake then wait for the other person to extend their hand. A well delivered handshake means how you did it, when and where you did it and it will always convey self-confidence and a genuine interest in the other party.

Now you know what's in a handshake, go a head and learn how to give a good handshake that will live along lasting positive impression.

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