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Thyroid And Vitamins: Whats The Connection!
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Thyroid And Vitamins: Whats the Connection!

B-12 and other vitamins direct the processes by which our body functions. Today I am going to try to narrow down the connection that B-12 has with hypothyroidism. It seems to be a very tangled situation. A lack of B-12 can produce hypothyroidism, as well as a lack of other vitamins. Hypothyroidism can in turn lead to a depletion of essential vitamins and minerals. It comes down to a question such as the ..'egg or the chicken'.

Unfortunately, I am unable to find the answer. B-12 is a necessary vitamin for thyroid production. However, is the lack of T3- T4 hormone related to the lack of B-12, or does the lack of B-12 cause the thyroid to not produce. The association with the thyroid and autoimmune disease directly hinges on B-12.

Without the essential B-12 vitamin, the body just secrets the enzyme out into the urine and leaves the body. This happens if the intestines has been damaged (not by a wound but by biochemical means). When this happens, the B-12 receptors in the intestines have been turned OFF! Hypothyroidism does act to turn off B-12 receptors, but the culprit may be as simple as what we eat.

Iron directly affects the thyroid. Too much and you can get hypothyroidism. As mentioned in a previous article, green veggies like broccoli (and others) are a high source of iron. Reevaluating the size portions may help bring down the iron content, without destroying the B vitamins in the food.

Please note: The lack of B-12 is NOT the primary problem. The primary problem is the reason for the lack of B-12. Ok ; Follow:

Foods rich in Iron, and other necessary vitamins are digested by the stomach acids. This in turn goes to the large intestines. Here is where a majority of the necessary nutrients is removed. In people with Hypothyroidism, the process is different. Where normal people absorb B-12, a hypothyroid patient absorbs only parts of the dietary foods that are eaten. The B-12 is normally absorbed in the intestines, however these patients will pass the B-12 directly to the kidneys to be excreted. This happens because the intestines do not have a necessary enzyme called IF or Intrinsic Factor. Why this happens is actually anyone's guess. Different physicians quote different things.

Now the food continues into the system, but without the B-12. This causes the rest of the enzymes to work just as hard, causing an actual over absorption of food. Hence a hypothyroid patient will gain weight and still be almost anemic. B-12 is a special vitamin.

It seems as everything works properly with only B-12 gone as far as the rest of digestion. according to the FDA research is continuing to find out what is actually in the IF that makes it work, but the model for the time being is subcutaneous injections of B-12 once per month for life.

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