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Get Up Early To Watch The Royal Wedding Live
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You've all probably heard the exciting news that prince Harry of Wales and his fiancé Kate Middleton are going to get married on exciting unforgettable Royal ceremony. It happens on Friday the 29th of April on 11:00 London time, which is really early to the western world. The TV channels will start broadcasting on 4a.m EST. Planning to get up earlier than usual for a specific reason is a task that you can prepare yourself to. By a right preparation you can make your early wake up significantly easier. Meaning that by doing some simple preparations getting up early to watch the royal wedding live is going to be a piece of (English) cake.

It is important that we all remember that getting up early is not just setting the alarm clock. The getting up process is made up of mental and psychological aspects. Once you aware to that fact it is very easy to implement the method of getting up early. The technique that will help you to get up early to watch the royal wedding live is actually divided in to two stages: the psychological stage and the practical stage. When you be able to combine the two stages together you will improve your ability of your body to get up early and easily. The first, psychological, stage requires from you to fully concentrate within your inner side on your goal, your goal to get up early to watch the royal wedding live. You need to think of it really hard and memorize your goal. Repeat the sentence that describes your goal and your desired get up time. In the next days try to think of this time goal whenever you have a few minutes of free time, when driving, on your coffee break and before you go to bed. By doing this and repeating this goal in your mind you acutely preparing yourself to getting up early.

The second stage is the actual getting up stage and it is the way that you are going to open up your eyes easily on the specific time you've planned. Set your alarm clock on a high volume five minutes before your desired get up time. Don’t give yourself safety time so you won't be tempted to push the snooze button. When you will hear the sound of your alarm clock get up immediately, stand up near your bed, and drink a glass of water. Only after you are sure you won't get back to bed turn off your alarm clock. Drinking water right after getting up early is forcing your body to begin its wake up mode.

Remember that when you'll hear the alarm clock on Friday before the ceremony. You will be after the psychological stage which supposed to help you prepare yourself to get up early for the live broadcast. The affect of the psychological stage is sometimes more significant than the alarm clock sound. If you made the psychological preparation fairly you will be surprised that you will wake up naturally without even using the alarm clock. The alarm clock is only for backup.

By combining the two stages a calm and easy wake up is guaranteed. All you have to do now is to make sure your TV station is set, your cup of tea is ready and you are all set up to begin watching the exciting Royal wedding ceremony. Have fun!

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