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How I Fell For A Time Vampire’s Trick
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How I Fell for A Time Vampire’s Trick

How often have you heard the old cliché ‘We learn from our mistakes’, despite the fact it often isn’t true? Well I never seem to learn about managing my time properly and the other day I got well and truly caught by the clever manoeuvrings of a time vampire.

A time vampire you ask. That’s right a time vampire. Someone who sucks the energy out of you by unnecessarily taking up your time.

Now most of us have or have had a friend who you just can’t get off the phone because they want to talk about a problem. You listen, they talk, you advise and when you finish the conversation you’re worn out but convinced that you’ve helped. Well you have but not often in the way you think. Often the person just benefited from off loading and they have no intention of heeding your advice and they continue to ring you and talk about the same problem over and over again.

Sound familiar? That’s a time vampire.

However, there are a variety of ways in which people can be time vampires and I was well and truly caught by one the other day.

I received an email asking for advice about writing a resume. My friend’s husband had recently lost their job and as it had been more than 20 years since he’d last actually applied for a job he had no idea where to start. She was trying to be helpful and find him some good information but was struggling to do that alongside looking after her four young children. “So I thought I’d come to you’ she said “As I haven’t really got the time”

Now I’m always telling myself that I should skim read more accurately, because I missed the comment “I haven’t really got the time” and feeling very sorry for her with all the stress they have – I spent the next couple of hours of my time doing some research which when finished with my comments I emailed to her. It took me a while because she lives in a different part of the world from me here I’m less familiar with everything job related.

Okay, it was only a couple of hours but I put aside something I should have been doing to help her out. Imagine my frustration when I received an email the next day thanking me for the information but telling me that before she’d even received my reply they’d decided to use a resume writing service. She cheerily told me that her husband was feeling much happier and she would let me know how he got along.

Now of course I’m pleased for her that they found a solution, I really am. But boy was I cross with myself. Because if they didn’t have the time for something that was clearly hugely important to them - why the hell should I ? I had let her take my time unnecessarily drain some energy from me, leaving me short of time to complete my own project. I should have managed my own time so much better.

So I have now put a large notice above my desk saying ‘Beware the time vampires’ Let’s hope next time I heed the warning signs.

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