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My Habits Make Life Good Or Bad
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My Habits Make Life Good Or Bad

A personal study on how to improve my life.

There is a wide variety of information available free of charge under "stress management", "relaxing", "personal improvement" and other related categories. Sorting through that to find what fits me will be a lengthy project. I certainly can buy some inspirational self help stuff too but which ones? I can't afford them all. I need a plan.

Let's narrow it down. How to improve my life is too general a goal. What specifically do I want to improve? Home life? Business or money making success? Relationships? Mental and or physical health? Self image? Now we're getting somewhere.

I think improving relations with other people will affect all the above categories. Good place for me to start. Since I can only control me I will have to take an honest look in the mirror and think carefully about where I want to go with this.What actually improves relations? How do I act around others? What changes will help?

What kind of person do I like to be around? That's easy. A person who is relaxed, friendly, positive. Someone who isn't trying to change me or impress me. Someone I can comfortably talk to. Someone who is interested and assumes I am an equal. Is there any reason I can't form the habit of being like that? I can't think of one. Maybe I don't need outside instruction as much as I thought. Let's try a little self help first and see where that leads.

People are interesting. From the oldest to the youngest they each know something I don't. Each one is unique. No two completely alike. It should be easy to have the right attitude if I concentrate on that. If I start the habit today of being as relaxed and friendly as I can with others I will probably see quickly if it moves life in the right direction.

If it does I can see all kinds of benefits. Comfortable home life and improved business relationships for starters. Between those two things I have covered ninety plus percent of my life. Becoming more relaxed and confident will lead to better self image and probably better health.

The really good news is that this can be accomplished without medical appointments, prescription drugs or cost of any kind. It doesn't involve alcohol consumption, over eating or other destructive habits and may even help to control or eliminate them. Sign me up.

I'm not going to eliminate the need for occasional medical help but concentrating the mind has been reported to accomplish amazing things for others. I won't try walking on hot coals or drinking toxic fluids but I will work on spending a larger part of my life in comfort. What have I got to do that is more important than that?

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