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My Man Needs To Get Up Early
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My Man Needs to Get Up Early

Well, the hubby and I had a good long talk about how to get up early, and we have made some changes. I do have to say that the changes are a good thing, giving both of us a reprieve from the pressures that wake us every day, like children, jobs and neighborhood noise. So to be fair in treating each other fairly in the wake-up routine, I have also adapted to the changes. The quality and length of our sleep is important, so we have adapted in order to accommodate each other as well as the children.

First of all, I have learned how to get up early on my appointed days and make the fresh coffee he loves to smell as he wakes. Sometimes, this is enough to prompt him to get up early with a smile on his face, since the children and I are all in the kitchen, preparing for breakfast. There are times that I take a cup of his favorite coffee to him, allowing him to wake slowly, given the early hour. Being fixed just right, that one cup of coffee prepares him for breakfast time, and the time to spend with the children before I shuffles them off to get dressed and leave for their appointed daytime quests while we work.

Sometimes, it’s a touch that wakes a person with a smile, and my husband is no exception. To learn how to get up early and if there are no pressing issues with the kids or breakfast, sometimes he needs that bit of a backrub or massage to make him look straight into my eyes and know that he is loved and that it is time to get up and spend some morning time with his family. It’s a more gentle way of waking him up, instead of yanking the blankets off the bed to shock him into getting out of bed.

I also like to open the blinds in the bedroom to show him it is daytime, and it’s time to get up early and enjoy the day. This seems to make him happy, being able to lie in bed to stretch while he soaks in the sun as he wakes up. Not only does that change a waking mood, but it triggers his inner clock to say “rise and shine!” And I also have the light to make the bed again when he finally gets done with his stretching and getting out of the bed.

The best part of the morning is that all of us sit down to a good breakfast to get the children off to a good start to their day, as well as allowing the hubby and me to communicate our plans for the day. With breakfast done, all of us put on the clothing for the day, brush teeth, style hair, grab lunches and supplies that get us ready for the commute to our destinations with a happier mood. To learn how to get up early takes more than quality sleep, it takes waking with quality, too.

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