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Prioritising Is The Key In Using Time Wisely
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The management of time is always a priority. Time can be like money in the sense that it is precious and valuable. We must therefore value time and manage it properly.

Time in every respect is even more valuable than money. We can always, over a period of time, make money. But can we ever really make time? Time wasted is never regained and the moment not lived is never relived.

There are and will always be only sixty seconds in the minute, sixty minutes in the hour and always and only or as much as twenty four hours in the day. This can seem less or more depending on the way we manage time or better said how we manage our priorities.

This is because the duration of each standard time span, whether a minute a day or week, never changes. What changes is our level of awareness and the way we plan, prioritise and organize our work, recreational activities and no less important the time or periods set aside for meditation and reflection.

We are often told, as a matter of fact that, we should never put off for tomorrow what we can do today. While there is a lot of merit in this advice, one must, if not all the times, occasionally question conventional wisdom.

It is only in analyzing and questioning that we get a better and deeper understanding and appreciation of the essence of those wise sayings or may see clear and practical reasons to disregard or ignore some traditionally accepted wisdom. Without our questioning conventional wisdom, we would probably still be accepting that the earth is flat. It is no different for time management, or managing our priorities to be more practical.

Procrastination is the act of putting off things which should be done as a matter of priority. It is surely the thief of time. But is it really true that we should never put off for tomorrow what we can do for today?

As stated earlier that there are many things which we accepted but as we live and learn from our experiences and question things deeper we see good reasons to disregard some conventional wisdom. Without this there would be no new approach and no real progress.

There are many situations in life when we have assignments and a number of projects to complete and feel overwhelmed or pressure as the timelines or deadlines approach. This oftentimes occur, yes, because we often times procrastinate and leave too much work to be done in too little time. This leads to unnecessary stress and sometimes even panic. Stress in these circumstances not only deplete us of physical energy but also reduces or impairs our creative abilities.

The key as always, when it comes to time and organizing our work, is to prioritise! It may come as a shocker to many that: There are things which can be done today, which should be put off for tomorrow or even a few days more!

This may sound like real procrastination but, on closer examination, it only reinforces the key principle of prioritizing. Take for example we have three assignments or projects to be completed. The first of three projects we may have three weeks to complete, which may the most difficult task and the other two projects within the course of two weeks.

The two tasks to be completed within the course of two weeks may be matters that can be taken care of within a matter of days. Quite often we may choose to start the most difficult task, believing that we want to simply, get it out of the way. What often results is that because we have a much longer time to do it, we are a little relaxed at it, or oftentimes far too much time and energy are spent on it.

The other tasks seem much simpler and we underestimate the time that would be taken to complete them. What happens in many situations we may complete the most difficult project, but in a sense by stealing some of the time we should have allotted to the other projects. And because these have earlier timelines to complete begin to feel pressurised in trying to complete them on schedule. This is a fairly common experience.

It is therefore not procrastinating but prioritizing when we choose to put off some things, (that we could start today), for tomorrow or the day after. But, it must always be emphasized that what needs to be done or completed today, we should always try, in as much as possible, to complete even from the day before or no later than toady.

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