Worker’s Guide: How To Find Travel Time
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If you are a travel enthusiast, you will probably have come across or read a number of articles urging you to quit your job and travel. They are quite compelling. A source of income is important for obvious reasons so that advice can be extreme for most people. If you are thinking I don’t have time to travel, have you explored these opportunities?

Maximise Your Leave

With good planning, your leave period can be judiciously used to see a number of places. You don’t have to see everywhere in the world at a time. If you are visiting a city, pick the number of places you can see within the time space you have. Don’t try to see everything all at once. It will be too much to handle and even if you have all year, you probably still won’t be able to see everything.

Use Public Holidays

Public holidays are usually one to two days. This is enough for a local adventure through your city and nearby ones. We often neglect our immediate city while dreaming of far away places. I bet visiting some places in your own city will give you some of the best travel experience.

Short Trips on Weekends

A weekend getaway in a city 2- 3 hours away can do the trick. It doesn’t have to be fancy – you can book a cosy guest house or budget hotel and spend the weekend there. If you do this every other weekend, in no time you would have gotten familiar with a lot of cities in the country.

Attend Seminars and Conferences

That seminar or conference in London, South Africa, Nigeria etc. – Yes that is a perfect opportunity for you to travel. Search for relevant seminars and conferences in your industry then, notify your employers of your interest to attend. It is the perfect opportunity to officially take time off work and travel. If you are lucky, the company might even sponsor you for the seminar.

Work Remotely

Depending on the nature of your job, you can explore working remotely if your employer will agree. With the internet, a lot of jobs do not necessarily need a physical presence. Just make sure you stay connected and deliver on your duties even as you are sipping your favourite drink by the beach side.

You probably have more travel time than you realise. With the methods explained above, you should start travelling. Become a local tourist, book a getaway hotel in Accra and enjoy every bit of free time that you have.

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