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Rivet Gun – How To Use A Rivet Gun
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Rivet Gun – How to Use A Rivet Gun

Using a rivet gun can be a highly effective method of attaching various materials, especially metal together in a permanent way. Though the materials can be separated by simply drilling out the rivets. This is not a difficult process, however you should take care when riveting and do not rush, as this could be a hazard, especially to people who don't know what they are doing.

Pop rivet guns can be very inexpensive to use as are the rivets you can buy with the tool or separately. It may be beneficial to get a good quality rivet tool from the start, however a cheaper one will suffice depending on the work you will be using it for.

This step by step guide will show you the basic steps for basic home repair and maintenance, and can be followed by anyone.

Step 1 – Align and clamp together the materials which you want to rivet together.

Step 2 – You will need to drill a hole in the object which you are wanting to rivet, it should be 1/8th of and inch in diameter, to do this just drill a hole with a power drill through both pieces of material which is needing to be joined.

Step 3 – When you have drilled a hole in both pieces of work, making sure they are aligned, you then need to choose an appropriate rivet, in this case an 1/8th of an inch rivet will be used (there are different types of rivets, all do the same thing, but are different strengths and lengths).

Step 4 – Insert the long end of a rivet into the rivet gun making sure it does not fall out.

Step 5 – Push the wide end of the of the rivet through both materials which you previously drilled, making sure that the pop rivet does not fall out of the pop rivet gun.

Step 6 – (WARNING, make sure you do not trap your fingers in this step) Press the handle of the pop rivet gun together (may require multiple presses) until you hear a pop, you will also feel it breaking off from the top. This should leave both parts of the work/ materials securely fixed together. The top part of the rivet which is useless will fall out of the rivet gun.

Step 7 – Remove the clamp which you have used to secure the materials before riveting.

Step 8 – Repeat steps 2 to 6 as many times as needed for the object which you are riveting.

You can also view video demonstrations of a pop rivet gun in use as there are many uses for a rivet gun, so it is recommended to follow the steps above, when using a rivet gun for any purpose, as it is the safest and most productive method of riveting.

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