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Woodworking Plans
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Every woodworking project has to start with a plan. Right? But what plan? Do I draw it myself? Do I buy it locally? Search the web for freebies or buy it on line?

Well I guess the answer can be any of the above! If you are starting a fairly simple woodworking project then drawing your own plans may not be a problem but what if you are building a shed for the garden? True, you could do your own plans but it's becoming a little more complex now isn't it? So, we need plans for a shed, and the web is where you can get them and you can do it without any fuss too.

Why reinvent the wheel when reveiwers have already done the work for you?

There are stacks of free plans on the web but they are nearly always low quality and are simply blueprints and nothing else. I have even seen some that are hand drawings! The best option is to purchase a plan or better still a package of plans. Ted's Woodworking is one such package but there are many others. Like searching for most products on the web finding plans for a shed is a bit of a minefield. Some sites are just straight out scam-mers, some simply don't deliver on their promises or in some cases don't even deliver at all!

So, what do we do? The best method to avoid hassle is to search for "product reviews + plans for a shed".

We could spend hours and hours on the net going from one site to another trying to weed out scam-mers, poor products and the like. We will likely begin to get confused because the offers will all differ in quantity, quality and price and we will have trouble comparing apples with apples.

Product reviewers don't have this problem. They are trained to look at the specifics and provide an honest evaluation based on many criteria. This criteria includes (but is not limited to) usability, design, durability, ergonomics, price, value for money, quality etc. The critiques are usually very thorough and most good reviews answer the majority of questions most people have.

In summary, if you need to purchase a product on the net such as plans for a shed or instructions on how to build a catapult for instance then searching for reviews of plans for a garden shed instead of simply plans for a shed will save you heaps of time and trouble.

I hope this has been a good tip for you.

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Ken Lasch  

All you need is the right garden shed blueprint and garden shed plans for this project, a friend to help you and a good weekend to start your project.

  about 1 decade ago
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