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How To Pogo - Tips For Those New To The Pogo Stick
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When you see someone having fun on a pogo stick, if you are like me, you just can not wait to have try. If they are good at it, then it looks so easy - just like with anything else which people are practised at. For those who have not tried it before, here are just a few hints to enjoying yourself without pain.

Bouncing on a pogo stick can be a lot of fun. However, many people do not use them correctly and this can lead to accidents. When you can use your pogo stick properly, it is even more fun and so much safer.

Here is what to do when first starting to use your pogo stick.

1. Hold your pogo stick up straight in front of you with the tip on the ground, put one foot on each side of the stick then jump up onto the pedals. Use your arms to keep you steady and that should make sure that you start to bounce.

2. Once your feet are safe on the pedals, hold the stick close to you, to balance yourself. If you push it away, you could cause yourself to lose your balance and fall.

3. It is important not to try to jump too hard, just enough to keep you going up and down when you start.

4. If you feel as if you might be going to fall, just lean slightly in the opposite direction.

Practice each step on a regular basis, until you are bouncing comfortably. If you feel wobbly, stop, wait a moment and then try again.

I would suggest that you always wear shoes, a helmet and elbow and knee pads when pogoing, as a fall could be painful. You need to pogo on a hard surface, with lots of space around you; grass looks - and usually is - softer than concrete, but it is not so safe, as it is usually uneven. If you feel dizzy stop, and take a 5 minute break.

Once they have mastered the first few stages, many people want to move on to some of the trickier moves like - jumping on one foot. Here is how.

1. Start bouncing as you would normally.

2. Once you are comfortable, lift your left foot if you are right-footed or right foot if you are left-footed, off of the pedal.

3. Next, lean slightly over toward the foot you have lifted.

4. Centre yourself to help keep your balance.

The Razor Bogo Pogo Stick is an improved version of the old-fashioned pogo stick. It has an inbuilt bounce strip, which can guarantee an improved bouncing experience, even for the less experienced pogoer.

It is important to remember that, as with any new strong activity toy, you should go slowly and practice at first. Once you have mastered the basic moves you are in for hours of healthy fun exercise on your pogo sticks, which can take place even in the family backyard.

Please do use basic safety techniques at first, to be as sure as you can be that you do not hurt yourself. While there are no guarantees, helmets, along with elbow and knee pads, are cheaper than a visit to the hospital! Get out there and have fun Pogoing.

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