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Lite Sprites Celebrate - What Do Lite Sprites Do At Halloween?
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Lite Sprites Celebrate - What Do Lite Sprites Do At Halloween?

Now that Halloween has come and gone for another year, we can reveal just what the lite sprite dolls get up to. Most little girls love the litesprites and enjoy reading and listening to stories about them.

Once upon a time, far, far away in the land of Lite-Topia, the Lite sprites were fast asleep in the tree of lite. Meadow woke up and she rubbed her eyes and looked at the forest.

That is strange, she said, look at the trees. All the leaves are starting to change color. Where are all my pretty greens? They have gone and everywhere is oranges, yellows and reds. Wow, said Astra, who quite liked the change, yes I see what you mean. As the sun shines through the trees, there is a yellowy orangey glow all over the forest.

That is because summer is over, autumn is here, the leaf-fall is coming and soon it will be winter. Have you forgotten that all this happened last year too? I had forgotten, said Meadow, I want my lovely greens back.

Now, now said Prisma, the evergreens are still green! See, it is in their name, they always stay green, so you still have them. Meadow was not totally convinced, but she did cheer up a little.

Now can you remember what else happens in the fall? Said Prisma, we have a celebration. The little sprites were all very pleased; they like celebrations - I bet you do too!

It is called Halloween, said Prisma, but we have to be a bit careful, because Bleak tries lots of her sneaky tricks on Halloween. Remember? She tries to frighten us with ghostly noises and cob webs and things. Yes but spiders are fun, said Astra, we are not frightened of them. I know, Prisma replied, but Bleak just wants to be naughty and so she forgets.

I know, we will make a 'Jack O' Lantern' from a pumpkin! That will be great fun and keep the spirits and Bleak away. What shall we use to make the light inside, said Brooke. Hmmm I think we can use glow-worms, because they will like sitting inside there and shining in the dark.

We could all make a Jack O' Lantern each and then the Tree of lite would look very beautiful for Halloween.

So they went to talk to the farmer and he gave them four small pumpkins, just big enough but not too heavy for them to carry. Brooke went off to talk to the Glow worms, to ask them if they would like to sit in the Jack O' Lanterns when they were finished. Four young glow worms were very excited by the idea, so Brooke put them in her blue bag and carried them to the Tree of Lite.

When she got there, all the other lite sprites were already busy carving out smiley faces on their pumpkins. She put the glow worms carefully on the floor and started on hers.

Actually it took them most of the day, but they were happy working together and chatting about how beautiful the tree would look in the evening.

As is usual, Bleak was not so happy; she was trying to make some mischief with spiders and bats. But the spiders kept making long ropes of silk and getting away, and the bats did not want to do the things she wanted them to do either. They wanted to fly freely in the fresh air, not stay hidden away, ready to surprise and frighten the lite sprites.

As it got dark again in the evening, all the Jack O' Lanterns were ready. Prisma took the glow worms and gave them all a bright orange color, then each of the little lite sprites popped a glow worm in her Jack O' Lantern.

Next, they arranged the four of them around the Tree of Lite. There were two on the balcony, to look out over the forest, one to guard the front door and one right by the lift, so that they could see the way when it got dark.

The glow worms, who had been resting all day, were ready to shine their best and the Lite sprites were thrilled by the effect they made.

Only Bleak was not happy and she went off to her cellar to sulk. She did not even eat her supper. Silly Bleak!

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