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Qwirkle - When Is The Best Time To Discover The Qwirkle Game?
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Qwirkle - When Is The Best Time To Discover The Qwirkle Game?

Many people would say that Christmas has got to be the best time to find out all about Qwirkle. Yes, all the family is around to visit, so there are loads of people to play games with.

Most families I know get the best value out of their board games around Christmas time. The adults have time to play - not having to go to work to - and all those old repeats on TV? Well we have all seen them so many times before!

Board games have been very popular as Christmas gifts for the family for many years. Who can not remember getting out the monopoly, the ludo, the scrabble or the playing cards at sometime in their childhood? Perhaps like me you found yourself playing against a cousin from out of town, or Grandma, or the aunt with the scent of old violets.

Yes, the Christmas season with cold dark days and long winter evenings is certainly a time when the family game comes into its own.

A big problem tends to be the mix of generations who want to play. In a family you can have adults and children, tiny tots and those in their teens perhaps, so it would not be easy for them to play Taboo, or general knowledge games together.

And grandpa and grandma are not going to be quite as keen on Twister as the younger members of the family!

If this is the case in your family, as it is in mine, then I would like to suggest this game called Qwirkle. (I just love the word!).

Qwirkle is actually quite a simple game, involving putting together colors and shapes. It is also a game that can be considered for older players, because it can also include clever tactical maneuvers as well as long-term strategy.

The game is played with a number of tile-shaped pieces of wood, with patterns including six different shapes and colors. During the game, you form lines which share a common feature - either color or shape. This can either score points, or the game can simply be won by the player who uses all his blocks first. It is a relatively quick and simple game to learn, but you need to think carefully and cleverly to score the most points.

Qwirkle does not actually need its own board - any flat surface will be OK as a playing area. The rules are fairly basic, but to play well does need some longer-term careful thought. So, get ready to Qwirkle:

1. First, turn all of the wooden tiles upside down so the patterns can not be seen.

2. Everyone picks up six tiles.

3. Whoever has the most tiles sharing one characteristic - either color or shape - plays them first, in a row or a column. The score is the number of tiles played in the turn. Then you replace the played tiles by picking up new ones.

You take turns in a clockwise direction around the table.

4. So, then the player to the left chooses a tile, or a group of tiles which has one characteristic in common with a tile on the board, but is not exactly the same as one in the line you have chosen.

5. Play the tile(s) and score points - one point for each tile already in the line and one for each new one played. If you place the sixth tile in a line, one point is scored for each tile already in the line, one for the new one added and points for completing the line of six, giving a total of twelve points.

6. You then pick-up, to replace the ones you played.

7. Keep on as above, until all the tiles have been used and someone has used his last one. This player gets one additional point. The game is then over and as usual, the player with the highest number of points wins.

So as you can see, a young child can play alongside an adult, to help them add their points, and the adults are fully occupied with working out their long term Qwirkle game plan.

So when getting ready for the season of gifts and holiday, you could try Qwirkle this Christmas - for your family, to or give it as a gift to friends.

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