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Vtech Innotab - A Really Great Tablet Computer For Kids
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Vtech Innotab - A Really Great Tablet Computer For Kids

Vtech innotab is right at the forefront of providing quality fun and education, which goes well beyond the four walls of a classroom. With its cutting edge technology, adapted from regular adult touch pad devices, the innopad or InnoTab is very suitable for kids from age 4 to 9.

This highly interactive learning tablet for kids provides worthwhile and joyful learning experiences, which will surely awaken and nurture the Einstein, Mozart, Da Vinci and Newton within each child.

Education technology has evolved to an astounding degree, with the advent of amazing innovations in the field of electronics and computers.

Gone are the days of the old-fashioned chalk and talk methods of teaching, where the teacher acts as the one and only source and channel of information and learning.

As a result, students nowadays can be much better equipped with the tools which can make learning and studying so much more fun and easier for them. Educational toys, learning media, interactive materials, and a host of other exciting gadgets provide children with a more engaging and stress-free learning environment - wherever they happen to be.

The Vtec inotab is a multimedia tablet, designed specifically to be used by kids. It is an electronic learning toy, which combines various learning activities. These include interactive reading, learning games, imaginative activities and many other useful, entertaining and amusing applications.

All of these will surely increase their computer aptitude and make the most out of your children's time. The five-inch touch screen pad and tilt sensor gives students the opportunity to actively engage in the learning process, by dragging, tapping, and clicking their way into a variety of challenging educational games.

Vtech inotab's other thrilling and stimulating applications include the E-Book reader, an MP3 music player, a photo viewer, list of friends, calculator, clock and a video player. These apps will surely tickle the creative genius, currently dormant within each child.

In addition to all of these awesome applications, cartridges - which are sold separately - contain unique lessons in creativity, inventiveness, sound reasoning and reading.

Applications like e-books and learning games can also be downloaded from the internet, via the VTech Learning Lodge Navigator website. In the same website, parents can also monitor their child's educational development and achievements.

The Vtec inotab comes with a built-in 64 MB memory, which can be expanded through its SD card slot, which supports SD/SDHC memory cards; these have a capacity of 2 to 16 GB. A USB cable is also supplied, to easily connect the device with a Mac or PC.

Truly, learning has never been more fun and the child with an opportunity to use the innotab tablet computer will not only leave the parents computer alone, but will have fun while developing their skills and interests to an exciting degree.

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