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Walking Bike For Kids - Great Anytime, But At Christmas Very Special
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Walking Bike For Kids - Great Anytime, But At Christmas Very Special

How about a genuinely modern twist on a traditional gift? A bicycle is a traditional Christmas gift, well certainly in our family. It would count as a big present and big presents came at Christmas.

I well remember buying my daughter her first bike; it had to be pink and so her brother’s old blue bike just would not do. It had the usual stabilizers and she rode it with them on for months.

It was so hard to get her to have them removed, that we were glad when one of them actually broke and so we had to take them off. Of course by then she could ride a two-wheel bike perfectly well, but it took her a while to get her balance again and balance and confidence are very important on a bicycle.

The experience I had with my daughter made me very interested in the wooden 'Like a Bikes'.

These robust wooden bikes, which are designed for toddlers, are actually two wheelers, but they do not have any pedals and so children learn that essential balance very quickly.

They can soon get the bike going with their feet and then pick their feet up off the ground and start racing along. In fact they are quite hard to keep up with, once they get going.

Around here you see a lot of small children, racing along the park paths with great confidence, There are usually parents or older brothers and sisters running to keep up with them - great exercise for all.

There are few if any falls and you really have to see the concentration on the little ones' faces. That and their smiles show you how much they are enjoying their freedom.

The bikes are made from wood and are adjustable and flexible. They also come in a variety of colors, to please the child who knows what they want.

They are very sturdy and friends of ours have passed theirs down through three children. It still looks absolutely fine and works perfectly.

Their first bike quickly becomes a child's favourite toy, and this bike is a fantastic introduction to the world of cycling. It also gives your child a chance to explore its environment.

If you have a child who is coming up to the age where you are thinking of buying a three wheeler, or a bike with stabilizers, then I would certainly recommend that you look at the balance bike range.

Once you do discover this great invention, which has been well proven over time, you will find that the like a bike is excellent quality and good value for money.

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