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4 Ways To Increase Visitors To Your Website
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4 Ways To Increase Visitors To Your Website

These traffic methods are not new in the area of internet marketing, in fact they have been around for years, But they have given me more traffic, they are great ways to increase your income. They have also helped me to increase sales. I have consistently had more website hits from these methods than anything else. We all know that the more eyes you have on your website the higher potential for sales. In this article I am going to discuss four ways to increase visitors to your website. I will also discuss the importance of targeted traffic.

1. Traffic Exchanges: Traffic Exchanges are one of the most under estimated, and misunderstood forms of traffic on the net.

People say that it is a very hit and miss method, they claim it is not targeted traffic. They say this because they do not fully understand them. If you decided to promote dog training on traffic exchanges then you will be disappointed.

They are designed for the "make money at home niches". Not just any make money at home niche, mainly the ones that have MLM aspects to them. For example most traffic exchanges promote residual income, that is based on down-lines and getting people to them. I promote a site that promotes on 50 traffic exchanges and hundreds of others sites, its motto is No Surfing Just Traffic, this gives me down line and residual income month after month. That is because I am targeting the right business opportunity to the right traffic source.

You see people go to traffic exchanges for two main reasons, and that is to promote their website, and look for more traffic exchanges to promote on. So if you promoted your clothing company on a traffic exchange you will get nowhere, oh yes people will see your site, but very few people will click on it. However if you promote another traffic exchange or business tool that can help them in their efforts, like an autoresponder, traffic exchange, safe-lists and other traffic pulling sites, then you are onto a winner.

2. Safelists: You have heard the term that the "money is in the list". Well it is, and if you do not have a list to start with then safe-lists are great. This is another really good way to increase business, and income. Safelists are another misunderstood traffic source.

You can promote pretty much anything on Safelists, as long as it has something to do with make money at home, and again something's work better than others. You can promote things like other safe lists, traffic exchanges and tools that help you to increase traffic to your site.

You can also promote affiliate marketing video courses, and other make money online courses. Marketing tools like autoresponders. Don't promote things like, book stores unless it is a book store about making money online. Do you get the point. You need to target your product to the specific traffic sources preference. If you do have an online store that sells physical products then try eBay, classified ads or Amazon.

3.Classified ads: Classified ads are when you can go crazy with your marketing. This is another great traffic source for me. In fact when I first started out online it was the only thing that worked. it was the only thing that got me sign ups. Classified ads are not spoken about much anymore, I do not know why.

On classified ad sites you can promote pretty much anything, as long as it is legal. You need to promote on at least 20 of the highest ranking classified ad site around. This way you get good coverage and you get good traffic, as well as good ranking. send your ads out about 2 times a day on about the first 10 and the next day do the same with the other 10 classified ads sites.

One word of warning, if you are selling down loadable products then make sure, the site allows for this. One of the biggest classified ads sites is called Gumtree. This sites does not allow you to sell digital product only physical products. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of each site, and make sure that they allow you to sell digital products.

4. Ad Co-ops. Not many people know about Ad Co-ops. You usually have to pay for Ad Co-ops but the traffic and sign ups are worth the cost of the outlay. Basically an Ad Co-op is when the owner of a business and the seller agree to each share the cost of advertising. this brings down the cost for everyone and makes it much more viable to the average affiliate marketer to afford. This has helped me get lots of signups and sales as well.

These are just 4 of my favourite methods to get visitors to my website. If you implement these traffic methods, and use the tactics suggested then you will start making money online. One more thing make sure you get a good tracker, so you can see which sites are working best for you and which are not. This will help you to prioritize your time and efforts more effectively

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