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5 Basic Reasons People Buy!
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5 Basic Reasons People Buy!

To make sales you have to push peoples emotional buttons. Start marketing to their emotions, people buy something for a reason. Now it is up to you to find out what that is and use it to your benefit.

1. Greed- I am not sure this is the right word for it or not, how about we call it-Human Want. This is a powerful emotion for people, they become crazed, they want a better paying job, a bigger house, a better car, they just want more. Appeal to their needs and wants. Here is what you will get_ _ _! Greed.

2. Fear- Or we could say it like this, false evidence appearing real. Everyone has fear at some point in their lives. Fear of not having enough money, nor enough time, a fear of failing, the list goes on and on. What are their biggest fears? The more pain they have the more you can get them to buy, but make sure you can deliver. Here is what you will miss out on_ _ _! Fear.

3. Love- Every human being on earth loves someone or something. This will be easy because they now become attracted to what you have. They see the value in it or how it can help them reach their goals.

4. Guilt- Of course we all regret something that we have done in the past, so find out what they are responsible for and give them the solution for it.

5. Pride- Arrogance, self importance, easy sell, just play up to their ego and you will make the sale. Let them know how important they can become with what you are about to give to them.

First step is to recognize the problem, then explain about it to them. Remember to let them do most if not all of the talking. Then help them solve whatever is bothering them. Be totally honest with your customers and yourself to.

As long as you treat your customers like you want to be treated, you will start making sales. You want to work with people, don’t ask someone to do something that you are not willing to do yourself. Its all about other people not yourself. Understanding their emotions is the most important thing in network marketing.

Be Real Be Yourself! Believe the more value you give to others the more money will come. Find out their problem from one of the methods I have told you about above and solve it for them.

Start connecting with people on a personal level, really get to know them. Build a rapport with them, let them do most of the talking. Let yourself be known, don’t hide behind your e-mail address,

Put your personality into your marketing, have their best intentions at heart to get them to buy from you. You are in the people business and the money will come if you do this. Always try to serve your customers.

This is not about just having a list, the list is the people, real people. So go and start building relationships with them.

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