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A Review Of Keyword Evolution
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Getting Your Article's Noticed

You have your website or maybe you are researching your niche still, but time and again you come across the terms, Keyword Finder, Google Keyword, Google Keyword finder and it seem's that everyone's obsessed with getting the best keywords generated for the online article's that are promoting traffic to they're websites.

More often than not you will see Google in the terms, this is because that this particular search engine handles up to 85% of the traffic on the internet, so when searching for good quality traffic generating words then using what is searched on Google is the most profitable words used

There are numerous keyword generation websites, each offering varying types of service, some are more in depth than others, that for the newcomer to the traffic generation using article's. A good keyword finder, needs to use two basic tools,

  1. Traffic
  2. Competition

If you are new or a solo or small business, then you need to find words with higher traffic and lower competition to get yourself noticed and traffic driven to your site. If the traffic is low and the competition high, it is the websites that have been around longer or have a high budget for promotion that get to the top of the rankings. It should be noted that the number one listed search result can get up to 82% of the clicks. It is therefore important if researching a Google keyword that the higher the traffic and the lower the competition the more likely you are to get more traffic to your website.

Keyword Research Tools

Some research Tools over complicate the process, the vast majority use Google's Adword's, as well as traffic and competition, they will also employ, SEO competition, cost per click, how commercial the words are and by the time you're done, you may have good quality keywords, but the process may be too complicated for the average newcomer or solo entrepreneur.

Keyword Evolution uses the two simple tools of Traffic and Competition. I quite simply does it by putting in a phrase or word, which then uses Adwords for the traffic count, over 50 searches and it gives you a yellow light, it then searches the internet for competition, if it is under 50,000, it will give you a green light which means it is good to use.

Keyword Evolution also has the added advantage of three short training video's that have you trained and up and running in about half an hour. It is a Google keyword Finder tool, as this is where the most traffic is generated, however, it is also live, doesn't need to have software updates, and doesn't require software to be downloaded on to your computer as you sign into a website to use the service.

Simple and Easy to Use

Keyword Evolution is simple and easy to use, it is a live Keyword generating tool, that also has no need for downloading software and complicated training modules. It gives you the tools to find the most profitable keywords for your website and article's

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