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Achieving Great Landing Page Traffic
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Achieving Great Landing Page Traffic

With Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate marketing newbie, I quickly discovered that getting traffic to my landing page is actually what over 90% of my job was cut out to be. It was good to have a great website and great affiliate marketing programs to sell their products.

All this really ended up meaning little as the bulk of the affiliate marketer is to drive traffic to his landing page. Another funny fact is that if everybody else apart from your target audience is visiting your landing page, it still does not pay

There are specific traffic boosting methods that you are required to employ in order to increase your target audience visit to your landing page.

Search Engine Optimization

One good and sure way of gradually building traffic to your search is by generating natural search engine traffic to your site by building backlinks from other sites and mediums to your site. Consideration is given more to one way to one way links.

You could also get your webpage optimized by using certain keywords and phrases that have high global searches monthly but low competitive websites. It could be done by getting the keyword into the title and header tags.

Although it is a slow process, it is one of the best methods of ensuring a continued process of getting traffic which will also increase with time.

Using Online Partners

I quickly learnt that affiliate marketing is a collective effort in many ways. Having online partners could help to develop highly mutual beneficial traffic to all parties involves. This is done by compiling a list of fellow marketers.

Usually your online partners should be other site owners, affiliate marketers in your niche, and your niche experts. They assist to create awareness of your own site and products and you also do same. This is one aspect that affiliate marketers shy away from as most see it as selling off to the competition.

It is very important that you take into consideration that it must be mutually beneficially to all partners. That means as Affiliate A is driving traffic to Affiliate B, Affiliate B is also driving traffic to Affiliate A. this is usually done by providing your visitors with some information that will link to your partner’s site. Most do it by recommending a product or service.

Forum Participation

This is one method of driving traffic to your site and products that is of great value. It is highly recommended that you are actively involved in a forum, consulting others and generally adding value to the members of the forum.

As long as you are in your niche related forum, people will get to notice you as an authority and they will link up to you and your site. There are lots of online communities that you could benefit from. It is advised that the forum shall be one that you could easily connects with affiliate marketing expects for highly effective money making procedures.

Apart from attracting traffic to your site from members of the forum, you could build highly mutually benefiting partnership with members of your online community. You could also build traffic through blogging. The fact is that after establishing yourself as an informative source, you could post a signature with a link in it.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Apart from building traffic to your landing page, you could use pay per click advertising. A very good pay per click advertising is that of Google Adwords. You get Google Adwords to group your keywords with other related keywords and sending your lends to multiple, tweaked landing pages.

These leads sent to other related landing pages generates traffic to your landing page. The advantage of it is that you only get to pay for your advertisements that are actually clicked by visitors to the other landing pages.

These procedures will definitely increase traffic to your landing pages. As long as you keep to it and learn to modify everything connected to your niche site in such a way as to bring out your site’s ultimate best.

Street Talk

You have left we wanting more and that is the most powerful aspect of any article, I concur with your methods my friend and have employed some of them; they definitely work.

  about 8 years ago
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