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Affiliate Marketing: Texting Service May Improve Your Customer Traffic And Satisfaction
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I was at the depths of despair regarding my blogging career.  I have read articles and received direct e-mails from all sorts of hotshot bloggers bragging about their bigger-than-life passive income money machines.  A few well placed key words for SEO combined with some equally as well placed advertising dollars and now these guys were living in huge mansions, driving exotic cars, not working, and simply collecting there Clickbank dollars.  If you don't believe them, they are more than happy to show you their Clickbank accounts with dollars rolling in everyday.  I studied and researched for hundreds of hours, but it was only by chance that I actually discovered their secret.

I have been a successful businessman and entrepreneur for over 20 years so the lack of success that blogging, affiliate marketing, and internet stores has shown me has been disheartening.  But those days and months of non-success are about to be behind me.  Why you ask?  Because I have been hired to write an article about the secret that is going to help me turn the corner to profitability, Textingly.

Textingly is a new advertising platform that allows you to take texting to the next level and build customer loyalty, reach customers immediately, and grow traffic.  Why would I want to do this?  Well, once I finally get my second customer (you see how smoothly I slipped in that I have actually had one customer?  Thanks Mom!) I can keep them informed of the ordering process and delivery dates.  This has been proven to increase customer retention and reorders.

Textingly allows me to create messages based on key words and responses so that I can respond directly to my customers when the text me regarding their orders.  I believe that the mobile based platform is the next phase in technology and I am going to be on board from the start.

I can feel my wallet swell as I even think about it.  My most read article has been viewed over 250 times.   My click through rate (CTR) is nearly 1%.  That means that once about a zillion people read this article, I will be able to quit my job and live the passive income-ATM life.  Problem is I already quit.  I never have been good at doing things in a proper sequence.  Honestly, though I have always felt like I was one idea away from getting it right, and with textingly, I think I may actually get there.

Thanks for reading.

Street Talk

I think that Textingly could be the future of affiliate marketing. What do you think?

  about 1 decade ago
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