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Building Links To Your Sites – 7 Essential Components
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Building Links to Your Sites – 7 Essential Components

After all the affiliate marketing training undergone in a work home university, I have been advised to stop calling myself an Affiliate Marketing Newbie.

Unfortunately that is my adopted title since I took to affiliate marketing. I do feel when it comes to learning something new, every individual involves becomes a newbie!

Well, as a newbie how do you go about building links to your site?

To get links, an affiliate marketer needs to affect the following essential components in his online money making quest.

Knowing your Community

It is best to know what is trending on most sites, which are the forums are a bee hive, the most active social media and blogging sites. Knowing what is going on in these various online communities will provide you with an inclination to what they will response to. Also respond quickly to anybody that reaches out to your articles, comments etc.

Being Proactive

Be proactive in your online marketing campaign. Reach out on blogs, social media and all other relevant forums. Be not just proactive but a little bit aggressive in your dealings. Affiliate Marketing is 90% promoting of your products and it is all about creating links to your site and landing page. It is only when you are properly ranked that you will get natural traffic from the search engines so just keep being aggressive in creating awareness of you and your products.

Offline Campaign

A mostly neglected aspect of link building is that done offline. You could have a very good and strong link building campaign offline by informing your friend and acquaintances of your online business and benefits of visiting your site. Classified Ads could also be placed on newspapers and magazines.

Target Quality Links

As long as you are producing great quality products and services, you will get people to link to you and the more quality services produced the more quality links you will get. Traffic generally increases with to a site that is known to produce quality products and services.

Using Great Online Content

Always be filling your pages with rich content. Use information that are of great value and will catch and hold visitors attention. Search out great information and using the basic, build around it. I call this adding flesh to a story structure.

Be very careful while ‘recycling’ online stories. Ensure that it is current and not stale news and it does have your input.

Understanding your Visitors Language

It is a plus to pay attention to the words and phases used by online visitors when in search for products and services. Using these keywords you could get people to link up to your products that are related. People tend to use words or phrases are keywords when the go online to search for products and services especially when they are looking for quality services online. Product names are used as exact keywords or part of keywords that are searched for so knowing this you could include these keywords in your titles or headlines to increase the expected links it will generate.

Routine Writing

When I say always write as much as you can and it should become a routine and a habit, it is just saying the necessary. The more articles you can write and submit to directories, the more links you can have generated directed to your website. Recently came across a woman that wrote 177 articles within 120 days. This is what is expected of every affiliate marketer. Just keep writing some that will add value to others or on guiding steps on affiliate marketing and you will attract more links to yourself

Street Talk


Hi Andrew, very clear guide for newbies Affiliate. But can't the link can't access to website.

  about 9 years ago

Thanks for your remarks.

  about 9 years ago

Something about this article made it more than just another article on article marketing. And tying it down with the "177 articles within 120 days" made it all come together. Good Job!

  about 9 years ago
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