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How To SEO – Four Killer Tips
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OK kids, SEO is a huge topic and even the basic Google SEO guide is enough to put you to sleep in like five minutes. So here’s the deal, you want know how to SEO, so I’m gonna give you four easy to use killer SEO tips. Ready, set, here we go.

First, we all know SEO starts with keywords and no I’m not going to tell you to start with Google AdWords Keyword tool, although this is useful free resource. Here’s the cool tip. Let’s say you want to find out keywords related to model trains. Go to Google and type in model trains. Then type in model trains a, then model trains b, then model trains c and so on. You will be blown away at the different array of potential keywords directly related to model trains. This will take you way deeper than just starting with Google AdWords. Nest, with a handful of the new potential keywords you just found, go over to the Google AdWords Keyword tool and scope out the search volume. Try this, you’ll be blown away by the depth of new and relevant keywords you unearth. Your new keywords can help you build new pages and posts on your website or be the foundation for new articles.

Second how to SEO killer tip: About once a month visit two to three of each of the following blog site types: .com, .net, .info, .org, .gov, and .edu. I’m gonna warn you this can get a little tedious but it really pays off with the always coveted backlink. Here’s how you find the right sites. Type into the Google search tool: site: .com inurl: blog “post a comment” – “comments closed” – “you must be logged in” “business”. You can substitute business for marketing if you want and swap the .com with whatever site type you’re looking for. Doing this will bring up dozens of blogs types you’re looking for. Then sift through a few and find one you can make a useful comment on in the reply area.

Avoid picking a blog that’s totally off topic from your website and avoid making a comment like “cool site”. Say something like, “ you raise good points I had not considered, I may use your concepts as the subject of an upcoming post on my blog, at You want to leave your blog URL either in your comments or below your thanks again comment. Vary the web page you link to as using the same web page over and over can create a pattern that will discount the value of the links in the eyes of Google. The .edu and .gov link are particularly valuable. Doing this exercise every so often will boost your search engine ranking. Also few of your competitors will take the time to do this, so look at it as a competitive advantage.

How to SEO Tip Three: Use social media to link to your best article and best page on your website. Just two or three social media links can make a nice ranking difference. You can also use if you want to link to up to 19 social book marking sites at a time. Be careful not to bookmark all your stuff. The social media sites frown on that. Just use your best stuff and do it every few weeks.

How to SEO Tip Four: Use You Tube. You may have heard that recently Google updated their search algorithm and put less weight on articles and more weight on video. Interesting move when you consider that Google owns You Tube! Did you know there’s almost no rules when it comes to posting videos, other than keep it clean. For example, unlike with articles there is no minimum length video. Also unlike articles, a video link wheel to other video sites is fine. Think of the easy exposure you could get for your website with a quick, and free ad for your website using a few quick YouTube videos.

That’s it. Hopefully that wasn’t too painful. Follow these easy how to SEO killer tips and you’ll improve your rankings and drive more traffic to your website in short order.

There's lots more cool and easy ways to increase the traffic your website gets. On my website I have several additional SEO reference tools you may find useful as you work to increase your websites traffic volume. For SEO tools click here.

Street Talk

Thanks for the tips, do you have anything in more details on the use of you tube in SEO?

  about 1 decade ago
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