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Rush Hour
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Rush Hour

" I paid 1,500 hundred for my website, pay for the most expensive web hosting and optimization but.."!? Thats right; but what? What about your traffic? Are you recieving repeat visits, shoppers and followers or repeat internet window shoppers? Is your traffic similar to midnite in a small rural town or rush hour in Los Angeles? The two are obviously totally different and if it came down to choice I would want traffic coming to my site similar to the volume of vehicles using Los Angeles expressways.

Metropolis, rush hour traffic is quite similar to a website owner who has created a vast network of lanes thus creating a system of constant on/off, flowing traffic no matter what time of day. Both have individuals paying for use no matter how long the lines are or slow the checking out page on your site is running. Money will be made regardless. On the highway we pay tolls on your site people will pay for the service or physical product. It is that simple. Just thank God that they have not found a way to increase the number of ways drivers pay money to use the express and highways versus that of the internet. The benefits of having extremely high traffic to your site would seem unexplanatory however there are many who still need to hear this one more time. What are some methods one may ask?

Start with an email list dealing with those who are interested or doing something similar to what it is you are promoting and selling. This is very important because as long as your emails opted in to your friends email then you can send as many as you like thus avoiding the spam scam. Although you will see advirtisment for email list buyer beware. A lot of this list are virtually un published or stolen email addresses. You can have your website or blog sight shut down or suspended if suspected of spamming non consenting email addresses.

By the time you become aware of this you may have already received notification and realized you've been scammed. It is a common experience which is why many experienced marketers will tell you to stay away from such "tools". People on this list will more than likely read your emails and forward them to the friends on their list. This helps to expand your network instantly in many cases and is a legitimate way to build traffic to your site.

Next consider using Social Networking sites as a way for increasing the publics' awareness of your site. Facebook, Tweeter, Linkden, Blogspot, Street Articles, and Google + just to name a few are excellent sites with millions of users to choose from. Simply spending maybe two to four hours a day sending out your daily messages, discounts etc will slowly if not rapidly build a constant and strong fan base stream lined to your website. Today the internet has become similar to the music industry. We all need fans! Consider social networking like building a fan base for your business. Those who have die hard fans will have truly have revenue to speak of. The higher the number of course the more profit higher conversion rates you will enjoy.

Last but certainly not least is writing. For those who fell asleep during every english class of their entire academic life well i hope your ready because in this business writing is a must. If this is not true then right at this moment you are experiencing an extremely realistic dream where you would swear you were actually reading an article about web traffic (lol). Posting articles in blogs and article websites help introduce your business to the world of the curious. The curious population spends most of their time reading about a particular subject before they decide to act. This is where you get the opportunity to express the need and value of whatever it is that you are promoting. Consider this putting in ad in your own paper that is all about your business and what it can do for the reader. If there is money to be made then by all means let the curious reader know that they will indeed profit from purchasing your material and/or joining your network.

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