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Traffic And Ecommerce Explodes Into Cash Flow
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Quit advertising and your business will die almost immediately. Mr. Wrigley said as much in response to an airline passenger who asked, "why don't you quit advertising?" Sometimes we think everybody knows a company name which is a household word. We all know them, words like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Wrigley and many more but these firms know that if they quit advertising [knocking on your door] their firm will quickly be gone from the world landscape.

Internet Marketers know that traffic building is the #1 challenge to building an eCommerce business. It may take 6 to 8 times communicating with your new prospects before they get out their cash and respond to your offers. In most companies repeated contact is a given and has been for many years. Most of us want proof of the integrity and honesty of merchants before spending our money with an unknown entrepreneur.

Most of us have seen a new business start up with a huge fanfare or big giveaways trying to grab the attention of neighbors and hopefully future customers. Some start ups will make it while too many end up falling down to never rise again. Some will struggle for 6 months but in the end close up for lack of traffic through the door.

You may remember reading some of the data about business failures vs successes. My recall is about 90% of the new business start ups end in failure, "out of business" but if your business fails the # is 100% and we seldom read about the $$ lost in the process or damage to relationships. Borrowed money is probably about to become an issue between you and the nice person who loaned you the money to start your business.

Obviously, if you cannot afford to lose your money, never even think about loaning it to anyone else. Keep it in your pocket or in the bank. Otherwise, kiss it good by and never think about it again. Entrepreneurs always think there's no way for them to fail in business but most never risk their own money.

Just know that loaning money to an entrepreneur or a wannabee is a bad idea unless you're loaded and have no concern about the success or failure of the business. Internet Marketing is not an easy business unless you've been there before and have learned some of the sinkholes to miss this time. Nothing beats experience in the business you plan to start up.

Focus your energy on learning what you don't know about Internet Marketing. Connect with several websites that share good information about business ideas, some you may already know and others that may come as a surprise to you, even a surprise to the dream team behind you.

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