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Understanding Traffic Exchanges
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I'm often befuddled (yes, that's a real word...look it up) when I surf various traffic exchanges.

The reason is that I often come across websites that have no business being on a traffic exchange.

For instance, I might see a people search site on a traffic exchange. Or maybe somebody's personal blog. I've even seen a chiropractor's website pop up on one.

It's obvious that the people who have put these website's out there have no idea what traffic exchanges are or how to properly use them. So let's examine traffic exchanges a little closer and try to understand them better.

The first thing we have to look at is who it is that is actually using traffic exchanges.

A traffic exchange is exactly what it says it is. A user is displaying their website in a regular rotation in order to get people to see their site and hopefully respond to it. In return, that same user views other people's websites in order to build up credits that they can use to display their site. This is called "surfing". In most cases, users can also purchase credits, but for simplicity's sake, let's just say that someone surfs websites so they can build up credits to display their website to others. So it's an exchange of traffic.

So who are these people displaying their websites?

The majority are internet marketers who are trying to promote products or services, either their own or as an affiliate.

They are not interested in, for the most part, seeing what others have to promote. And if they are surfing for credits, they are usually cranking through as many websites as quickly as they can to rack up as many credits as they can.

Because of this I have had many people tell me point blank that traffic exchanges don't work. And I ceratinly understand that point of view based on what we just discovered about how most people use them.

But actually, this type of behavior can work in our favor since we know who these people are and what makes them tick.

People who use traffic exchanges aren't interested in joining another business or another affiliate program. At least they think they aren't.

So in what are they interested?

The answer should be obvious.

They are interested in anything that helps them market what they are promoting.

If you are promoting a product or a service that will help the surfer to get more traffic then they would certainly hesitate long enough to take a closer look at what it is you have to offer.

But that takes us to our second point.

Surfers don't have all day to peruse a website, so the site has to be simple and get straight to the point. That's where splash pages come in useful. A splash page is simply a webpage that is used to capture the user's attention for a short time and lead them to the main page where the major promotion will be made.

Think of it as a railroad switch on a track that is going in a circle. The user is going round and round the track until you throw the switch, and then they get off and go in another direction. The problem with traffic exchanges is that you can't throw the switch. You have to make them want to do it themselves.

Another variation of this that has proven to be effective is to create a splash page that also has a capture form to allow the user to enter their name and email address quickly. To make this successful though you need to make your pitch, and then offer something of value related to your offer in exchange for the user providing you their name and email address. Perhaps you could offer an ebook or video that would provide more information about your offer. In this way, the surfer can enter their info and then move on to surfing for more credits without interupting their routine, knowing that they can check their email later for your information.

So let's summarize the use of traffic exchanges as follows:

  1. Make sure that what you are promoting will help the user in his own promotion.
  2. Use splash pages to capture the user's attention and lead them to your main promotional website.
  3. Use capture forms so that you can follow up with your visitors.

When you understand these three main point then you are on your way to being more effective using traffic exchanges.

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