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Want To Keep Your Customers Who Visit Your Web-Site?
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Want To Keep Your Customers Who Visit Your  Web-Site?

How can you make more sales without having to drive more traffic to your web-site? The real truth is that the majority of the people who visit your site do not buy anything.

This is a known fact, only about two percent of all the people who visit your web-site will end up buying anything and this is not a good number to have to live with. But it is the truth! Why don’t they buy? Why did they click through to your site in the first place? I will give you a few examples why and let you know how to get them to come back.

You must have done something right in the first place because they did find your web-site. Whether they read an article you wrote or your ad you placed, they have interest in what you have.

One reason they stopped by is because they just wanted to find out more information. They wanted to find out the answers to their questions. They could not contact you directly to get their answers, so they go and visit your site.

In today’s economy people are more hesitant to spend their money. They think they can find a better deal somewhere else so they click away before purchasing anything from you.

People like to make sure the timing is right, they like to have time think about it. And once they click away chances are they won’t be back.

Maybe they just left because they thought they could find it cheaper somewhere else. Everyone is looking for a bargain and with the internet working for them, they can now surf to find better deals.

Another reason is because people don’t buy from people they don’t trust. They are more apt to buy something from someone they know and trust.

When someone does visit your site if you can capture their names by having them opt in somehow, you now have access to start building that relationship with them and get them to come back to buy from you. This is what we call e-mail marketing.

Why don’t people return without any efforts from you? Because they are busy, they can’t remember which site they were on. They also have so many other offers coming in their e-mail box that are similar to yours that they forget about you. Competition is everywhere on the internet, anyone can do a Google search and get more information and if you are not in the top search you have lost that sale. There are literally billions of web-pages on the internet just like yours.

Start automating your business with e-mail marketing, once you have it set up it will run for you forever. You just set it up once and forget it. Tell people you want their business, let them know that you would love to work with them. Let them know that they can have fun and make money while doing it.

Reach out and connect with those people who stop by your web-site by setting up your email marketing campaign. Let people know that you truly care about them and want their business. Offer them more information through e-mail marketing.

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