What Is A Marketing Funnel? Learn The Basic Overview Today Part 1
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What is A Marketing Funnel? Learn the Basic Overview Today Part 1

What is a marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is a process whereby your traffic is taken through a system of events designed to maximise leads and conversions as you build trust by offering value within your niche.

Four main components that create a marketing funnel would be...

  • Awareness
  • Interests
  • Decision
  • Conversion

These components all work as one to create a marketing funnel that becomes the systems of events that end in conversions. However, I would like to make it clear that other marketers would refer to the components as;

  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Price

Regardless of how you want to label the components they all follow the same blueprints that result into an effective marketing funnel for your business to be on point, balanced and organised.

Branding awareness to your niche

When I first apply the awareness component to a new business I create and develop the aim for me is to attract traffic and test the waters of my new service.

Before branding can become a set of progressive acts I will need to have a foundation in place that will be the testing platform to test the basics like my theme, content and delivery.

I also want to get to know my visitors even more by investigating their behaviours on how they interact with my content and service doing so from using Google analytics.

This means I won't invest much of my budget into marketing a new business just yet, I will favour applying organic traffic methods instead because this will provide me with free traffic to test the waters.

The purpose behind serious branding is to test first, learn, apply new knowledge and then become progressive to start building a marketing funnel.

A flow of regular visitors with identifiable tastes for interests

The success of attracting organic traffic and capturing their interests means my testing is successful that can now allow me to go on to raising interests even more while behind the scenes really start to become progressive with branding myself while attending to the interests of my current visitors.

This is where the power of suggestion will be incorporated and interlinking will be intended sending the visitors to conversion pages. Increasing product and service awareness to plant the seed.

The idea isn't to sell to the visitors as their not customers yet, but raising product/service awareness is a part of the awareness component and the interest component working together.

The key is to keep a relevant flow of content acting as the cycle of events and not promote selling intentions aggressively just yet as that will happen naturally as we move forward.

Besides, before I start promoting any products progressively I'm going to have to test the gravity of the products.

Once this is the case, I will be breaking in my budget to promote pay per click (PPC) marketing methods to further expand my reach.

The customers are always right and they like to feel empowered in their purchasing decisions

When my visitors get to the decision component of my marketing cycle I've earned their trust with my content which is where I can now be offering my recommendations more aggressively now.

This is where I work awareness (Product/services) interests (convincing material and relevant offers) and trust with my audience working the funnel in order.

Golden rule

No one buys off anyone they don't trust so without earning their trust you won't convince them to become a customer.

It's also important to note that customers rarely buy on their first encounter with a product/service because on average they encounter it about six times before buying into the exchange. Remember planting the seed earlier?

This is because of the natural order people follow when being a consumer out for beneficial good.

The customer lifestyle cycle

  • Research
  • Decision
  • Purchase

Think back to the last time you were out being a consumer and relate to the customer lifestyle cycle.

You first became product/service aware now researching for more information on it. You then made a decision of would it benefit you in any way and then you made the final decision that resulted in the exchange of a purchase between merchant and customer.

Another note to take would be there is a crowd known as the "ready to buy crowd" who are late into the customer cycle where they've done their research, made their decision and are ready to buy. These crowds are rare but they are real.

Success, conversions are in and profits are building increasing the budget to expand

The success of conversions whether it be from organic traffic or paid traffic is the signal that a successful marketing funnel is in place.

Why? Because the system I created to attract traffic, convert them into regular visitors and now score them as a conversion has proven the formula I've created is successful and can convert even higher with updates.

At this point, I have a lot of information that I must make sense of from what I've observed from my visitor's activity on how they interact with my content and service.

This is like a blueprint I can learn from that will build an even better marketing funnel while also a better service for the future visitors.

I'm also more confident to invest more into my business then I was before testing my system so growth can now skyrocket as my service becomes more active with traffic flooding in daily from organic sources and paid sources.

Profits are guaranteed to happen.

Final thoughts

As you can see, a lot goes into a marketing funnel and with me being honest, it takes me about a year to really nail down the perfect funnel for my niche using this time frame to mature my knowledge to better deliver.

What I have offered you here is a basic overview of a marketing funnel with many aspects still needing to be covered. The reason I have only offered you an overview set of perspectives is due to the overwhelming risk revealing all you need to know will cause you.

Known as information overload.

However, stick around and I will be creating an updated part two of the marketing funnel. Hungry for more information on a marketing funnel now then head over to Wealthy fields and you will find other sources in relation.

Do you have any questions about this content? If so, leave a comment below and I'll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.


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