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Bahamas Travel Information
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The Bahamas is considered the premier travel destination in the Caribbean.The Bahamas is an Archipelego which is made up of over 300 Island and Cays,so that it may two life times to see the wonders on dry land,and the beauty beneath the sea.Because it is so close to America,and pocesses most if not all the the comforts that tourist wants,is a major advantage.New Providence has a population of about 300,000,and this is where most Bahamian live.But there are many more islands that are different from the capital.

What To See In Nassau

The first thing you see once the plane lands at the Sir.Lynden Pindling Airport,is the new state of the art Airport Terminal,and the second phase under is construction.After leaveing the Airport you begin to enjoy the environment,the peacefulness,the pureness of the Tropical Breeze coupled by the emerald green waters,and the white sandy beaches.You may also be surprised by the friendliness of the people.

As you travel down the Cable Beach Strip in your Taxi,you get a chance to see the lush green vegetation coupled with palm and coconut trees of all type.New Highways and Hotels under construction,and hotels and Condo's of various size and shape lined on the left side of the street.Traveling East along Cable Beach,golf courses comes into view,and the Cruise Ships,Fort Charlotteand Arawak Cay could be seen in the distance.

Heart of The City

As you enter Bay Street,you are greeted by a view of high fashion stores,with wares from international manufacturers all over the World.The local Straw Market,Resturants and Bank from many countries are represented.On arrival at Rawson Square,the House of Assembly(Parliament) comes into view,along with a statue of Queen Victoria,on the left side of the square is a bust of our first Bahamian Governor General.


Whenever a tourist visits the Bahamas,there are some delicacies that are served in the Hotels that you cannot get anywhere else in the world.The Nassau Grouper is one.Dishes like Boiled Fish,Peas and Rice,Conch Fritters,Conch Salad,Crab and Rice,and Peas Soup and Dumplings.These are the Bahamians treats.

Bahamian Culture

When it comes to Bahamian Culture,we have Junkanoo.This is a Bahamian Festival that is simular to Carnival,but very different.Our parades are held during the Christmas and New Years.The participants forms groups that are made up of between 100 - 300 members.Their costumes are decorated with crepe paper and feathers.The Banners are made with cardboard and metal rods,their musical instruments are Cowbells,Horns and Goatskin Drums.When I attend Junkanoo,I look at the tourist to gauge their response and enjoyment of this parade,for their short stay in the Bahamas,they are dancing and moving to the rhythm of the music like everybody else.If you really want an enjoyable vacation visit the Bahamas.

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