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After spending some time away from home recently, my husband and I returned home

and picked up our mail. Among the stack of bills, there was a Barbie Collector magazine for me. We left the post office and went home. I sat down with a hot cup of coffee, and I began thumbing through the magazine. I saw many beautiful dolls that I had never seen before, including the Sydney Opera House Barbie. Seeing this doll reminded me of high school, when I was a reporter for my school newspaper.

The faculty member in charge of the newspaper was also involved with the local theatre. During the week, we were busy with our classes and school activities. We were also involved in writing stories for the paper. On Friday nights, the other members of the newspaper staff and I often got together to go see plays at the theatre. We saw comedies, and I always came home from my nights out with a smile on my face. A night like this was a great way to begin the weekend. I have never been to an opera, however.

I would like to go see an opera because I like music. I also like the idea of telling a story with music. Finally, since I have never been to an opera, it would be a new and unique experience for me.

My husband wants to write more books for his United Earth series, and writing the books will require traveling in order to do some research. He could get some of his information online, but he wants to be able to experience an area with his five senses so that he can give his readers an authentic experience. Perhaps our travels will take us to Australia. While I am there, I can write and publish articles about my travel experiences. We might even get to visit the Sydney Opera House.

Then again, a trip like this would cost thousands, which is much, much more than we can afford. Therefore, I think that rather than hoping for a trip like this, I will instead consider getting the Sydney Opera House Barbie doll to add to my collection. I am sure that I can find a spot for it, and the doll is within our price range, whereas the trip definitely would not be. For my readers who are curious about this doll, it is $34.95 and is available online. It would make a beautiful addition to a doll collection.

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