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My Journey To Poland And Back # 3
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My Journey To Poland And Back # 3

Fifteen minutes later the little girl decides it was her turn, I got up and waited upon her return. I asked the mother to let me sit next to the window so that I would not be disturbed if they needed another bathroom break, she said no. I was becoming annoyed when all of a sudden, they turn on the overhead light and started talking loudly, I couldn't take it any more, I ask a gentleman seated in the next aisle, if he like to exchange seats, he at me looked for a few minutes, and said no.

I complained to a crew member about the problems that I was experiencing. She said follow me, and she gave another seat a few rows away. I finally had peace, so I thought, when I awaken by a loud thud, when I looked in the rear, this woman had pulled her luggage from the overhead compartment, and either dropped it, or it fell which practically startled passengers in the plane.

I never did get that woman name, nor can I remember her face, but if I could, I will never fly on the same plane with her again. This woman was full of trouble and was teaching her children, how to become troublesome.

The plane finally landed, in Miami and I was happy. I was in America and being not far away from home, I decided to go shopping. So I collected my luggage, booked a hotel and a car and began shopping.

After spending two days in Miami, I had completed my shopping and now it was time to go home.

I boarded my plane and left that great city, I looked around and amazed at the amount of people who were on this plane going to Nassau,Bahamas. There were no sour faces on this plane, everybody seem happy and excited to enjoy the tourism mecca of the Caribbean.

As I looked out of my window I could see three cruise ship heading to Prince George Dock, the main port in Nassau, we also passed Bimini the island of the Bahamas that is nearest to Miami. As the plane ascended to greater heights, I saw other planes travelling through their lanes in this gravity filled highway.

And as quickly as we began our ascend, we began our descend, and the pilot leveled the plane over Andros, the largest Island in the archipelago. We were near to Nassau and the plane was fly through mountains of clouds, they seemed like large powder puff, and the plane did not experience any resistance from them.

We descended a second time and the view of the island was remarkable, we saw many cruise ship already berthed and hundred of smaller sailing boats parked at the Nassau Harbour Club. There are many grand hotels on Nassau and as we shifted our gaze to the left and saw Paradise Island with its majestic hotels and the connecting bridges that offers freedom of traffic to this grand Island.

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