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Top Parks In Madrid
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Madrid is one of the greenest capitals in the world. There are more trees than in any other city in Europe. Almost ten percent of the whole territory of Madrid is occupied by parks. Parks in Madrid are the best places to relax and to forget about busy city life.

Here are the top parks of Madrid to enjoy your day.


Casa Campo is also a great place for doing sports. Here you may go canoeing, cycling jogging, swimming and tennis playing. There are also cultural facilities in the park as well as restaurants and cafes. All these activities combined in on have gained a huge popularity to the park.


This park is extremely great for sports, especially for cycling. If you love bikes, this place is for you. You can always take a bike in a park, they are provided absolutely free for visitors of the park. And afterwards you should return it to the place where you got it.


This one is considered to be the most loved park in Madrid. It is located right behind the Prado museum. Here you may also do all kinds of sports and enjoy the nature in the shadows of trees. The highlight of the park is a pretty huge lake lake where you may go boating. In the park you will have the opportunity to listen to the live music as there are many musicians playing there. There are a lot of statues in the park among them there is the only statue in the world dedicated to the fallen angel.


This park is known for its two pretty well-known fountains the Newts and the Shells located at the entrance of the park. Except for the fountains the park also boasts of more than 70 different species.


Royal Botanical Gardens were designed more than 260 years ago and still attract numerous visitors. It is a very quiet place and is great for sitting in the shadow and just relaxing from the noise of the city.


The Sabatini Gardens are part of the Royal Palace and it is one of the top parks in Madrid. Sabatini did not design them. From the park you may enjoy the view of the northern side of the palace.

These are one of the most picturesque spots in the city where you may enjoy the beauty of nature and practice different kinds of sports according to your taste.

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