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What's It Like To Live In Australia
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What\'s it Like to Live In Australia


...Of course yes, I miss my Family, my friends but looking at the bigger picture, Australia makes sense.

It makes sense in all manner of contexts for me.

With so much negative stigma attached to life in the UK especially in recent times primarily due to the recession and the difficult economic conditions, the very thought of living in my hometown in Oxfordshire is nothing short of depressing. It's not that I dont LOVE where I'm from and I am proud to be English, its just the perception that there is little opportunity to be had for the majority of the population, which has brought me to Australia. With millions struggling to get by, its hard not to get infected by the pessimistic vibes that the media and general population portray.

But please dont get me wrong, I LOVE MY COUNTRY!

In contrast, the land downunder was and still is the light at the end of the tunnel. It was for me and can be for yourself with a little hardwork and perseverance. They say Australia is "The land of opportunity." Recognising this fact I grasped it with both hands and will have no regrets now!

It's not just the amazing climates that warms me to Australia and the relaxed attitude towards life, but the endless opportunity available if seeking it.

By opportunity specific to my situation, I mean to 'enhance ones financial future,' in turn giving you choices to live the life you want to. This is the main reason I chose to become a PERMANENT RESIDENT of Australia.

England fits into Australia over 58 times and has the population of 53 million; Australia has around 21 million people. Australia is growing exponentially in terms of population, infrastructure and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It's just screaming opportunity! It also boasts one of the highest average incomes in the world, for example in Dampier, Western Australia the average weekly income is over $4000 per household. With massive growth through a wide range of industries ranging from Mining, to agriculture through to retail, opportunitues are in abundance. With opportunity comes wealth generation, success and fulfilment in life.

Ok so living in Australia can be what ever you make it to be. There is an infinite choice of lifestyle here, whether you are looking for the easy, laid back stress free lifestyle that this country is famous for; or if seeking success, wealth, fulfilment (of course through hardwork, financial education and perseverance) then that dream is whatever you make it :D

I understand success in your life is defined by what you believe. My idea of success is to be doing something you love doing, creating wealth, giving you the time to focus on the things in life that really have meaning to you. Passion is the beginning of success. I know this can be achieved anywhere in the world but here in Australia it seems SO much easier to accomplish!

So Why settle for the average, the mediocre run of the mill life on planet earth? After all you are only here once :D Why not go off the beaten track which will always be the more difficult, challenging and least walked route, but in turn will reap the greatest rewards, thrills, successes, wealth, fulfiment, enlightenments and failures. Failures however never to be viewed in a negative manner, instead learn, grow wise and move forwards as "nobody in life succeeds without learning from there failures."

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed." - Theodore Roosevelt

Ok so I know I havent talked much about what its actually like to live here, but what I have told you is how much this place can change your mindset if you look in the right places. In turn, allowing you to be whoever you want to be.

Becoming a Permanent resident through Sponsorship in Western Australia has had some profound impacts on my way of thinking since leaving the UK. It has inspired me to achieve. Instilled ambition, drive and tenacity. It has forged a strong positive attitude towards my future making me feel ALIVE! My biggest fear is not attempting to achieve what I know I can acheive!

I am at the beginning of my journey of success and fulfilment in life here in Australia, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now!

I love this place!


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