Excavator Exports: 10 Things You Should Maintain To Ensure The Quality
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Excavator Exports: 10 Things You Should Maintain to Ensure the Quality

If you're an entrepreneur, manufacturer or the company/business head of an excavator exporting company, the business and quality fundamentals that sustain your enterprise have to be well-established and strictly followed to ensure success.

What Are Excavators?

Equipment that is used in heavy construction and specially designed to carry out a variety of construction-related tasks including digging, clearing, removing forestry, snow, greenery, rocks, grading and landscaping, demolition and drilling are called excavators. They come in a huge variety of sizes and have different modifications and attachments for various functions.

Quality Aspects of Exporting Excavators

With heavy duty equipment like excavators, it's vital that very strict quality control is maintained during production and transportation. Before exporting, you should ensure that your company is truly “export ready” to compete in the international markets. You also need to identify the correct foreign market best suited to your products and consider all aspects of a viable sales, support and distribution system in that country.

Listed below are the Top 10 Essentials Required To Ensure Quality:

1. Ensure that the excavator/s supplied are suited to the function that the customer will use it for. Provide complete information about the equipment, its handling and proper use.

2. Always use top-class materials and production processes during manufacture.

3. Put in globally recognized quality management systems and total quality management systems (TQM) across the organization for production and dealing with trading partners.

4. Make sure that you employ only trained, qualified and experienced professionals in all aspects of production, especially in senior roles.

5. Know your customers, their location, the prevailing environmental factors and the kind of support that you'll need to provide.

6. Maintain a 24x7 support network of trained, knowledgeable and experienced professionals to handle all aspects of after-sales service, trouble-shooting, repairs and replacement of parts.

7. Conduct regular training for users and customers, in which safety and handling factors are clearly demonstrated and taught.

8. Continuous improvement, upgrades, reliability, maintainability, regular inspections, design innovations, customer feedback should be part of your company's vision, along with reliable support throughout the product cycle.

9. Establish a robust commercial presence through a strong dealer network in the country to which excavators are exported. Move experienced staff to these locations and set up a regular center of excellence there. Ensure complete adherence to the regulations and stipulations that govern doing business in a foreign country. Similarly, while transportation and export of equipment, make sure that you are in compliance with all the laws, insurance requirements, licenses and safety standards of that country.

10. Continuous monitoring of performance and product standards across the organization to meet quality, cost and delivery requirements is essential for an excavator export company. This provides long-term sustainability in a globally competitive market.

Keeping these 10 guidelines in mind can ensure that you provide your customers with the satisfaction and delight of using your product above that of your competitors'.


Q: Where can I get information about foreign quality standards and certification?

A: Each country has its own regulations regarding import-export of equipment. Export licenses, regulations, legal requirements, economic sanctions etc can vary greatly hence it's essential that as an excavator export company, you have a separate department that deals with all these aspects. Information is available with the Trade Information department of the government, in Country Commercial Guides prepared by your own government, etc.

Q: What quality standards should I follow?

A: Fundamentally, your product should comply with international quality standards whether you plan to export or not. If you export excavators to a foreign country, ensure that you are well-informed about the quality and safety standards there.

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