Right Wheel For Your Vehicle
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Right Wheel for Your Vehicle

Wheel and tire is one of the most important parts of any vehicle because it’s the only thing that has contact with the ground; it can be fatal if chosen a wrong set of wheels. Some automotive owners believed that their vehicle is just a means of transportation from point A to point B, that it is just like a public transport to drive their families from ballet recitals to random sporting events. There are quite a few, however, that view their car as a piece of art that needs to be maintained properly and made over with all of the newest features and customizations. One of those customizations that set a vehicle ahead of the group is a beautiful set of custom wheels. Choosing the right set of custom designed wheels for a vehicle is quite an important decision and many things are in fact needs to be considered before any purchase is made.

Different types of wheels to choose from:

OEM or Stock Wheels

Stock Wheels or O.E.M. “Original Equipment Manufacturer” are wheels that are designed and engineered to pattern for a specific model of a vehicle with lesser cost and easier to maintain. These wheels are usually boring in design but much durable and usable compared with other types of wheels.

The advantage of having stock wheels would be cheap to maintain and durable; while the disadvantage of it would be heavy and odd/ boring looking.

Custom wheels

Custom wheels and rims are enormous and flashy; they are usually built for show. Different makes and models can be purchased to make your vehicle’s wheels flash with mirror-like finished chrome or spark excitement from the spinners of the wheels itself. Research is essential however, when it comes to choosing a specific brand of wheels and /or rims for a vehicle. Most design shops can be very flexible when it comes to creating a specific set for any vehicle, so the key would be to shop around and view all items available before making a final decision.

The advantage of having Custom wheels would be very unique, can stand out the crowd and flashy; while the disadvantage of it would be very expensive to produce, expensive tire to fit and uncomfortable ride due to its size and weight.

Sports Wheels or After Market Wheels

On the other hand, Sports wheels are created to be light and tough to endure the most aggressive obstacles and to handle the horse power generated by the engine towards the wheel itself. It could be made of aluminum, magnesium, titanium. And most recently they made a wheel out of carbon fiber and kevlar. There are a lot of brands and model to choose from, but what is essential is the compatibility of the wheel itself to the hub of a vehicle. One must know the precise measurement of the vehicles hub and pattern before getting any sports wheels or aftermarket wheels. Check for the offset, bolt on pattern and the P.C.D. “pitch circle diameter” if it’s perfectly fit on the wheels that you have purchased. You can also use the stock oem wheel as a reference to know the right measurements.

The advantages of having Sports Wheels or After Market Wheels would be light weight, aggressive styling and durability; while the disadvantage of it would be filthy price tag.

Price and Cost

Price is going to be the main decision maker when it comes to purchasing a new set of wheels or rims for a vehicle. Lower priced wheels on the market are a cheap and effective way of getting some flash on the tires but there is no timetable as to how long they will last due to lack in quality. Higher priced wheels are going to be a tad on the expensive side for the pocketbook, but in the long run will surely provide any car with the best image and quality on the market. The choice is up to the consumer whether to buy online or at the store for a low or high price. But in the long run, the wheel and rim best suited for the vehicle should be chosen.

With the tips above regarding choosing the best wheel on the market, the decision will hopefully be an easy one on both mind and wallet in the long run.

About the author: Avid automotive reader, auto enthusiast and a column writer at 4 wheel online.

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