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Blood In The Sand By Clifford L Linedecker
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Another true crime book! No, I am not morbid. I wonder where these silly humans come from that they can do the horrible things they do. And I love to read. Maybe I can find something more light hearted to review for a future book.

For now, it is Blood In The Sand by Clifford L. Linedecker. Bruce is a booky, a gambler, and true to his habits. For the business and love of family, Bruce was in constant contact. His life was the day, the night for sleeping. So when his family doesn't hear from him, they know something is wrong. And not exactly liking his girlfriend who lives with him, it is easy to point the accusing finger at Amy DeChant.

Amy, lover of many men, would have done well, to forget the lust, as her numerous former lovers still remained friends with her. But she was greedy and hooked her nails into Bruce's life, admiring his lifestyle and wanting it all to herself. She didn't even want Bruce to have it.

She had to have help. She was a small woman, fiesty, but tiny. And Bruce was a big guy. Yes, with the help of a carpet cleaner for Amy's business. Bobby Jones and Amy shot and dragged 300 pound Bruce downstairs from his bedroom and buried him in the sand. It's not that she couldn't do it cause she was a woman, it was because Bruce was a giant and after all, why should Amy do this by herself? Why put the whole blame on one person when she had Bobby to share? Or did Amy do it all herself? Did all Bobby do was clean the carpet of blood stains?

Amy is off and running and hides for a while out in the open beaches of Florida. And Amy is pretty open too. It is a nudist beach that she was calling home until America's Most Wanted told her story. Amy just couldn't run again. She had to put clothes on, it was the decent thing to do, don't you think? Then she was on the road once again. By then, the phones were ringing as people recognized who she was.

Poor girl must have had it with flirting and playing games for a while, since she was quite calm as she was arrested. But the games begun again. Do people like Amy ever learn? Do they care about anything? The only happy ending here is that Bruce's family know where she is finally.

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