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Modern Warfare 3 DLC Review
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Modern Warfare 3 DLC Review

So as you all know the new DLC came out last Tuesday and those of us who are 360 gamers are lucky enough to be playing them already! Unfortunately do to a contract Activision has with Xbox live our Elite using, PS3 gaming friends will have to wait. It has been speculated that it will only end up being a month as it has in the past but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I can say I was disappointed that there was only 2 maps released, I was under the impression that we would be getting the FULL map pack but sadly that is not the case.

Now unto the maps!

The first map is Liberation:

This map is based on Central Park. A war ravaged, military version of central park and has been compared to Wasteland on Modern Warfare 2. This map is one of the few maps in MW3 that I think could be classified as a sniper map so those of you who were looking for a map where you could stay away from the battle and pick people off from a distance, you will not be disappointed! The map has a beautiful landscape and wide array of spots to go with an underground bunker running under most of the map.

Whether or not you'll like this map really depends on the game types you like to play. For instance, this map is a very good Domination map and has very well placed Dom sites, a nice balance for each side and good spawning. On the other hand I would say it's only an average Search and Destroy map and really doesn't take advantage of the full map with the bomb sites. TDM is a very fun game type on this map where as KC can be very frustrating because tags will be dropped in the middle and you will be sniped countless times by people sitting along the perimeter when trying to get them.

So as not to draw this out any longer than someone would want to read I give Liberation a 7 out of 10. It's a solid first DLC map and I think I'll grow to like it more.

The next Map is Piazza:

This map is a based off a stereotypical small town in Italy and true to that, the map is very unique. Tons of roads leading all over the map, different levels with a bridge that goes over the top of one part of the map and just an all around interesting map!

Now a beautiful map is one thing but how does it play!? Well, Search and Destroy is very fun and being a SnD player myself I'm excited to see how it evolves once grenade spots are developed and perfected and the choke points can be locked off better. Basically all the game types besides SnD are chaotic, fast paced, run-and-gun games which leads to a lot of action and either high kills, high deaths, or both! I give Piazza a 8 out of 10

Both maps are very creative and are, in my opinion, great additions to an already good list of maps. These maps give me hope that the future of DLC for MW3 has a bright outlook.

I have a poll question: What maps in all of the COD's were your favorites? And what were the worst? (one for each title)

Also, if you could make your own map pack consisting of 4 maps from any of the titles, what would they be?

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! I'll be posting again soon! Jacob-

Street Talk


UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that PS3 Elite users will receive the DLC on February 28th!

  about 9 years ago
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