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Pro Flight Simulator Review Number 2
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I am writing this review to let anyone who are looking for a flight simulator know that the pro flight simulator is one of the most sophisticated simulators on the market. I will try to give you the good pointa and the not so good points.

The pro flight simulator which is readily available in different markets is a very popular and wonderful product. If or when you aquire it you will be very satisfied with the product. If you really want the ultimated experience of being in a realistic situation you will want the best.

This flight simulator provides real airplane experiences. You have access to 120 plus aircraft that you can fly. You will enjoy all the special features.

So lets have a look at some of the good points.

1. There is more then 120 airplanes that you can fly and master. You can fly the wright flyer 1903 right up to todays fighter planes.

2. It connectes to the internet for current updated and up to date weather of all countries.

3. It is updated with google maps.

4. It has 20,000 airports with changeable weather, realistic terrain with US defence mapping.

5. This simulator is used on TV episodes and professional flight traning schools.

6. It has multiple controller and you can install it on as many pc's as you like. It supportes all kinds of controllers, foot pedals ant others.

7. It has kelpie flight planner. You can plan all your flights and customize all of them.

8. It comes with a lifetime updates and upgrades free as they are released.

9. For a limited time you can get your money refunded if you are not completely satisified with the product.

Now lets look at the not so good points. Like all products it is not perfect and it do have a couple of flaws.

1. The down loading may take a while because the size of the download is quite large. Your download time will depend on the speed of your internet connection .

2. It is overwhelming at first because of the the large amount of maps , aitcraft . things could be confusing for newbies in the beginning but you will get use to it..

But in the meantime flying aircraft has never been so easy or so much fun. It can become almost real since you will probably never fly your own plane. If you are a n adiment gamer the pro flight simulator will be a good investment.

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