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The Conclusion Of Crisys Trilogy : Crysis 3 Review
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If you love PC games that push your mobile device to limit, you must know about the Crysis series. It is a first-person shooter video game created as a sequel of the far Cry. Now, Crysis 3 continues the legacy of Crysis series. It was created by German developer, Crytek and published by Electronic Arts. The recent Crysis sequel could be played on PC, Xbox 360 and Play Station 3, and was released on February 19, 2013 in North America.

The newly launched Crysis saga is known to have more detailed game engine which is set 24 years after the events on the Crysis 2. Generally, Crysis 3 reviews are mostly positive. Each of the game’s versions was rated differently by various players as well as by other review websites. The games are well-made on the PC with a graphical showpiece. Most players praise the Crysis 3 for its beautiful graphics. The game was set in the remnants of New York City. The games were rated positively due to their story, narrative, controls and visuals. The game reunites the nonsuit-wearing soldier of record, the Prophet, with the playable character, Psycho, who is a Crysis Warhead. The story of this Crysis new sequel mostly centers on the ability of the player to care about Prophet and Psycho as the main characters. Some players find that the story is quite bland, which is relatively common to many sci-trilogies nowadays.

Some reviewers of the game said that the action end of this new Crysis sequel is totally challenging. The addition of the predator bow to the armors used in the previous series takes the craftiness of the video game to a new life. The new game also comprises a competitive multiplayer. It has the same kind of a loadout-based progression as well as killstreak bonuses. Some of the reviewers of this game said that Crysis 3 proves a flexible combination of confusion which creates a series of conditions that acclimatize to whatever style the player wishes to play. In fact, one of the game reviewers favors the game’s story, design, presentation as well as game play.

In addition to the Crysis review, some reviewers criticize the complex requirements for hardware of the game. Some find it expensive due to the hardware requirements, but praise the game for its visual quality. The game opens up to the new level of refreshing designs and exceptional multiplayer experience. They find that the games graphic is really colorful. However, the effectiveness of enemies featured in the game as well as on some of the Nonsuit mechanics of the game were panned and overused, thus making it a little monotonous to play.

Generally, Crysis 3 review points out that this new sequel of Crysis series is great. It is considered as the best than its predecessors. It looks great in PCs as it features great graphics for players to enjoy. This first-person shooter video game can surely deliver a real impressive FPS experience. So, why don’t you try it now?

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