3 Tips 3 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Important
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3 Tips 3 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Important

Video marketing and creating video content should be a staple in your company’s marketing endeavors. IT IS that important. Adding online video to your marketing efforts can generate more leads and more sales for your business.

In fact, Video Brewery revealed that 100 million Internet users watch online video content daily. While most of them watch the latest viral video, other viewers want to learn about a certain topic or know more about a product or service before buying.

3 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Important

Apart from the fact that numerous people watch online videos, who can also be potential prospects, here’s a list of other advantages that come with using video marketing to bring in more leads and more sales:

1. Authenticity

Using videos is a very authentic form of communication, because it's YOU!. Viewers get to see you and your personality, rather than just reading your words (through copy or emails) or hearing your voice (via webinars or podcasts).

In the world of video marketing, there’s no room to be fake because people see and hear what you do. For example, if you’re having an interview for a new job or trying to close a deal with a client, you might begin communicating through emails. After that, you’ll probably exchange a phone conversation. But it’s only after you meet someone in person that you’ll get a clear indication of his or her intentions, and only then can you firmly shake on it and come to an agreement.

Essentially, video marketing allows you to do what copy-writing and email alone does not—show your audience the person behind the curtain.

2. Video Marketing is Cost Effective

Adding video to your marketing mix doesn’t need to break the bank, either. You can spend a lot of money on creating good quality video content, but you can also create effective ones for almost nothing! If you’re reading this post on a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, chances are you already have all the equipment you need to get started in online video. All you need is your Samsung Note or any other good quality mobile phone and you’re ready to rock & roll. The Samsung Note, for example, has a good quality microphone that allows you to record high standard audio. Once you’re done, you can seamlessly upload your finished piece to your YouTube account in less than a minute.

You do have the option to go out and purchase filming equipment but you can do just as well using your mobile phone. The important thing to remember is that you just need a quality camera phone coupled with some creativity, and you’re ready to shoot. For free!

3. Video Marketing is for Everyone

As mentioned above, it’s not expensive to shoot your own videos if you’re unable to afford high-end cameras at that moment or just don’t want to. And it is super easy to do.

If you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy or only have a little experience in making videos, you can easily learn it online. There are loads of online videos and tutorials that can guide you. Just go to YouTube and enter something like, “How to create video content using my phone,” and you’ll have a number of tutorials explaining how this can be done. You’ll even pick up some technical tips from experts.

3 Tips for Video Marketing

Now that you know the advantages of creating video content, here are a few things to keep in mind before you begin filming.

1. Fight the Fear

Are you ready for your close up? Don’t worry, even if you’re not, you can still increase your online visibility and generate more online leads through video. If you’ve never done video marketing before, then, understandably, it can be quite daunting at first. I never did video marketing until I realized how important ti was for my marketing efforts. I just relied solely on textual communication. I was too embarrassed to watch myself on video that I would cringe or even laugh at my own videos.

The only way you can fight that fear is to appreciate the outcome. That means you need to understand the positive effects of video marketing to get over your fear and start recording.

That will motivate you to work hard at completing your first video.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

The more you practice, the better you will become. When I started out, talking to the camera used to feel uncomfortable and I did many many many retakes. However, with enough practice, I quickly became much better at making videos and felt more comfortable speaking in front of the camera without feeling embarrassed. And when you’re relaxed, the audience will feel comfortable as well.

Think of it as watching a bad actor. His or her bad performance will make you feel uncomfortable. Not only does it feel unsettling, but it also spoils the movie and all credibility is pretty much thrown out of the window.

To begin with, just do 5 minutes a day. Grab your cell phone and shoot a video of yourself within 5 minutes and then evaluate your performance. Then, after 10 days, you’ll get over the fear of recording yourself. After about 50 days, you’ll become the expert.

Like with most skills, only practice, repetition and experience will make you a better performer.

3. Stay on Topic

Whenever I’m filming and look into the camera, I imagine that I’m conversing with someone. Imagine speaking to your best friend or even your son or daughter, get comfortable. It not only helps keep the conversation natural, but it also prevents you from going off-topic. Think of it as talking to a real person, the last thing you’d want to do is bore them. The same applies here.

After filming your first few videos, review your work and look out for any mistakes that you can avoid in the future. Keeping your content concise and engaging will also work best for time-constrained audiences.


Don’t forget to include a clear call-to- action at the end of your video so that customers will know where to go to find out more. And remember, once you have a quality video with a straightforward message, you’ll be able to convince your audience into buying your products. Video Brewery reports that 90 percent of online shoppers at a major retailer’s website find video helpful when it comes to buying decisions. Start recording now and watch your customer base grow.

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